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  1. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #605: Borederlands

    Wombat should look into the new fitness game on Swtich I remember you getting into kinect sports way back, this could be similar? Being an RPG or whatever.
  2. saunderscowie

    CAGcast 597: A Double Moron Situation

    I don't think Ship would like Siege though, its MP only (don't try to kid yourself at those "situations" or even solo terrorist hunt), it's got a steep learning curve, and highly competitive. From listening to this show for over 10 years, not his cup of tea.
  3. saunderscowie

    CAGcast 597: A Double Moron Situation

    I see Wombat is turning into a man of taste finally getting into Siege properly. I've been playing pretty much weekly since I got the game at launch. Easily my favourite game this generation. It might be overwhelming jumping in four seasons deep but trust me once you get into the groove, start...
  4. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #559: FAKE GAMES!

    Sounds like Wombat had a nice Stardew Valley esque holiday. Maybe the animals took a liking to him, because well he is Wombat.. Cheapy, your ping pong letter sounded like it was auto generated by a computer or maybe it was just the way you read it out loud. Also would love a mixer co-stream of...
  5. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #528: Battlegrounds: Battlegrounds

    Here is some feedback.
  6. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #519: No Money Left Behind

    If you stream via mixer the lag is like 1 second. Wayyy better than Twitch - so thats by far the best option if you want to stream Jackbox games. Its also possible to co-stream with people, again best option for way three Destiny or Fortnite streams.
  7. saunderscowie

    Epic miniseries

    Nothing beats Band of Brothers for me.
  8. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #514: We Also Have Nipples

    Come on guys PS4 - threeway (heyo) Mixer co-stream! 
  9. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #508: SWBINP

    PUBG added xbox controller support in August update Now for some Ship / Cheapy duos or three man squad with Spicer. Even better would be a four man CAG x Unop squad roll with Wombat too (if he had a PC)
  10. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #501: An Ageless Game

    The only issue with a handheld or home only version of the switch is the "HD" rumble, waggle games won't work if the joy-cons are attached to the system. Also, holy shit at the interview clip at the end! Haha.
  11. saunderscowie

    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    Not a question, but just wanted to say I recently picked up Headlander on PC. I was going to get it when it released but got caught up with other games. I am thoroughly enjoying it, just wanted to say after Wombat has praised the game alot in previous shows. Its definitely worth checking out if...
  12. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #490: Bed Bubs

    I saw get pissed off how combat can quickly turn in Horizon, from picking off bandits or robots to every single enemy in the entire area on your ass with nowhere to go. Alot of video games do this and its very annoying.
  13. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #482: Big Wombats Don't Cry

    I was the guy who asked Wombat about Deus Ex. The main reason I ask is I felt they were quite similar. I can't remember his name but I know the guy behind Deus Ex was the project lead on Dishonored 1, so I feel both franchises share some of the same DNA. Both Mankind Divided and Dishonored were...
  14. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #480: Needs More Smurfberries

    Well I deleted the show after seeing on Twitter, but it never reappeared in my podcast app feed? So I had to direct download from the site so don't know what happened there. I like the Twin Peaks reverse talk to blur the spoiler - sounded cool. I am with Wombat, Mario Maker isn't a traditional...
  15. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #474: *whooping sound*

    Listening to final games podcast right now, great so far!
  16. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #473: Skyrim the Stress Away

    I like your ideas about the Switch, but Nintendo's whole selling point is the "switch" aspect. So I can't see them doing a smaller home only console along side tablet. Would certainly be nice if they did however. I find it funny how between the big three shooters this holiday: Battlefield 1...
  17. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #471: Mailbox Etc.

    Also, yeah it blows that every single game now is jammed full of sticker packs, chests, cards and whatever else they're called. I liked how Garden Warfare 1 dealt with cards as I never felt the need to spend money, and I put hours into that game.. Now it seems like you just get trash items with...
  18. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #471: Mailbox Etc.

    Boy, Cheapy's version of Red Dead is terrible. I am glad he isn't lead on the game. Also, Wombat's mockery voice sounded more like that Francis / boogie2988 guy not a generic nerd.
  19. saunderscowie

    CAGcast #470: COOK PERSONS EAT A!

    I feel like they should appear somewhere in every issue moving forward personally.
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