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    What is Old School ?

    Geometry is used in architechture, as well as some physics as well. So really, its very important. I dont think school is rubbish, I think the people teaching it could use work though... Teachers dont even know what they are talking about 90 of the time.
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    Prey and Wolfenstein II Steam Codes Cheap: Ebay

    Yeah I think you should be ok giving him that. I bought a car from a ebay seller and I had him send me the VIN number.
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    Fund Raising

    Sounds like a good idea but what exactly do the donations go towards if you mind me asking?
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    Free Doritos Loco Taco @ Taco Bell

    we went to Taco Bell and the free taco deal worked perfectly. Thank you so much for posting about this. I appreciate it
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    Life insurance?

    hey there, Thank u for the article , its really helpful to know why one should take up Life Insurance
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    Auto Loans

    My fiancee and I currently have credit scores in the mid to high 700s, no auto loans, no credit card debt, no debt besides mortgage on our house. Our mortgage including taxes, insurance and HOA is 13 of our monthly income. We want to buy 2 used cars that financed at current rates for 60...
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