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    CAG used to have a video game price tracking system, now I cant seem to find it. There was also a CAG games section with little flash games, what happened to that? And I think I remember a feature where you can search for local game store reviews. Anyone know what happened to these? It seems...
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    Contest (CAGcast #117) Win Grand Theft Auto IV (PS3)!

    I'd rather play GTAIV on my PS3 because I don't care much for multiplayer or DLC, plus I don't have a 360.
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    From what I remember back in the early playstation/saturn days, psx was the general abbreviation for the playstation. which is why the playstation ign section is, and I have been going there since 1996. So I don't think it has anything to do with that big white box.
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    Xbox360 Refurbished Premium $249 + 10 Shipping by FedEX @ if you sign up, you can see the sneak preview offer. | Which says:
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    Chitown021's FS/T LIST

    PM sent!
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    Guitar Hero III Wii vs PS2

    There is one point that no one has mentioned. With the wii controller you would be able to connect it to your computer (given that you have bluetooth.) Well, you can also do this with a PS2 controller with a USB converter, which are harder to find...
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    Little brothers are bad for gaming...

    Actually it turns out they were playing some game and decided to hide them around the house. So I got my games back. But snake still has a broken leg. :cry:
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    Little brothers are bad for gaming...

    I?ve had some little sibling trouble myself today as well, I come home to find out that my brother had his friend over, then I come to my room and see that my ps2 games are all messed up, my mgs2 action figure is broken, and I?m missing snake eater, gta: sa and silent hill 4. I'm so pissed off...
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    Playstation Underground Holiday 2004 Demo Disk

    now I know what to give people that I don't like. :twisted:
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    everyone, check this out!!! xbox 2 info

    Could be true.
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    Official User Feedback/Rating Topic [Part 2]

    Who did you trade with? StealthySeal What did you get? VF4 What did you give? $5 How long did the deal take? a few days Were they friendly? yes Easy to work with? yes Quick to respond? yes Would you deal with them again? yes Shipping Method Used? Shipping Price (If not included)? Payment...
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    One sentence system argument

    Nintendo64 is the last cartridge based home console.
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    old games sale list and SPECIAL HALO XBOX FOR SALE!

    I'll take Virtua Fighter 4!
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    Video Game Posters

    Thanks, they do have some nice posters. And they also sell instant noodles for some reason. :shock:
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    Video Game Posters

    big ass posters. not the folded crap that comes with magazines, but the larger movie/music posters that are rolled up.
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    Video Game Posters

    I'm looking for some video game posters. Anyone know where I can buy some online of B&M? doesn't carry any. I tried eBay, but after shipping they come to around $20 a poster. Thanks.
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    CheapyD's Digital Life Expo 60 Second Review and Photo Gallery

    Sounds like fun. I'll be going there tomorrow, can't wait!
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