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    12/10-12/24: PSVR GT Bundle $200 Skyrim Bundle $350 Doom Bundle $300

    Price tags saying Skyrim psvr with the correct item code on the price tag is printed as $299 but it rings up for the correct 349. Electronics guy walked me over to guest service where they honored the price and took the price tag off. The other poster was saying you had to be the first because...
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    Amazon 3ds matched kmart with $25 off game.

    You'll get an email, mine came about 3 hours after mine shipped.
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    Borders Out of Print Blu-Ray Find

    WB supposedly pulled it from all stores. The DVD version is still in print though.
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    All-Star Superman Blu-ray + DVD + Digital Copy $14.99 Pre-Order

    How can they when DC never finished the comic series?
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    GS: Ikaruga used $19.99 now ($17.99 w/ EDGE) - also other GC rarities

    Houston people, don't bother with mo city, just went and they have the football one labeled as the bball one.
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    Amazon announces Bioshock 2 Collectors Edition - $87.96 360 / $99.96 PS3

    Amazon still has 999+ copies of this. Bioshock 1 was sold out before release date. Seems more like Halo 3 Legendary than Bioshock 1. Also, I didnt order the Bioshock 2 CE because I can't really do anything with the record. I love the Big Daddy statue from the first one though.
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    KING OF POP Michael Jackson's This Is It Blu-ray/DVD deals

    Uh no, its a coupon for purchase towards the BD or DVD emailed from Redbox. "Get $2 off the DVD or $3 off the Blu-ray purchase of Michael Jackson's "This Is It" when you rent this or any of the Sony titles shown below. Own one of the most anticipated concerts of all time. Rent any of the Sony...
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    KING OF POP Michael Jackson's This Is It Blu-ray/DVD deals

    I went to target to get it and gave them the $3 redbox coupon. IT wouldnt scan, but she manually entered the $3 manuf coupon, although she took it off of the Mass Effect 2 that I bought instead, lol.
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    Xbox 360 and VGA

    You said that you have a DVI port? Most monitors have a vga port only or a vga port and a dvi port. You can just use the hdmi/dvi dongle for the 360 and then use your vga port for your pc. If you really want hdmi for your 360.
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    Bing cashback - no more ebay but Target 10%

    It was dead yesterday, but its back up at 8% now.
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    Simpsons Season 20 Blu-Ray Pre-order at Amazon

    Why would u even want the non HD seasons on BD? Wasn't Simpsons originally shot in full screen tv 640x480 format? It's not like it's Casablanca which was shot on film which has a much higher resolution to begin with. The original star trek series looks great, but I believe that was shot on film...
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    40 limit for eBay, but they keep upping it, was 12, 20, now 40
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    Buy New Super Mario Bros get 50% OFF ANY Wii Game inc. Wii Fit, "Hero" Bundles, etc!

    Looks like wii fit plus is out of stock, it wont let me add it to my cart.
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    Uncharted 2: Among Thieves (PS3) $40 at Amazon

    When I bought mine a couple weeks ago from them, I got a non greatest hits version with a red sticker on top of the shrink wrap.
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    300: The Complete Experience Blu-Ray $12.99 @ Amazon

    When the original BD came out, the BD java technology was not yet up to par with HD DVD. So there was a picture in picture feature that was on the HD DVD version and not the BD. This one now has that feature since BD can do it now and a think a book style case too.
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    Transformers Revenge Of The Fallen [Blu-Ray] - $19.99 @ Amazon & Walmart [IMAX Ed]

    The extra content would be during the movie as in specific scenes would be extended to fill the IMAX format. They did that with the Dark Knight BD, the IMAX scenes fills the entire HDTV and then it goes back to the standard widescreen for hte non IMAX scenes.
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    NBA 2k10 - CAG League Season 1

    I would like to join, but only if I can be the Rockets, but it seems like no else wants them anyways.
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    (FREE) ECA Membership, Amazon Codes are down for time being

    I have prime. I ordered 4 items, 2 of them had release date delivery and 2 did not. Amazon automatically split those two orders up so that 2 of them ship 2 day and the others on release date.
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    Need to ship a rock band 2 special edition bundle. please help!

    Have you tried specific shipping places, like a UPS store or a postnet? They tend to have more box sizes than just the ones they have at target, walmart, etc.
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    Free full 1 year eca membership no purchase needed!

    Dang it, signed up just before Guitar Hero came out. Oh well, I've already made back my money.
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