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    CAG Fund for Child's Play 2011 Charity Raffle: $52,953+ Raised - Winners Posted

    Just thought I'd pipe in to say that the prize from Lost Classics will be a repro of StarFox 2.
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    CAG's Win Everything* Black Friday Bonanza! - Congratulations, thenewnumbertwo!

    That's quite the prize package! I'll keep my fingers crossed.
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    Most expensive game you've ever bought

    In ascending order: Street Fighter 3 - $100 game plus the CPS3 arcade system. Bought nearly ten years ago. Michael Jackson's Moonwalker - $110 The arcade game board only. Bought maybe 7 years ago. Steel Battalion - $130 Bought this before they did the second run. Dungeons and Dragons Shadow...
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    Sega CD problems

    If the LED(s) don't even blink on, it is more than likely that the internal fuse has blown. This is a common problem in both the tray loading and the clamshell models. It is an easy fix on both models as long as you have minimal soldering experience. Instructions for locating and replacing the...
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    What Systems Do You Own?

    Let's see if I can do this from memory.... Atari 2600 Magnavox Odyssey 2 Nes(x2) Nes Top Loader TurboGrafx 16 SNES(x3) Sega Master System Power Base Converter (x2) Sega Genesis Model 1 (x4) 32X(x4) Sega CD Model 1 (x2) Sega CD Model 2 Sega Nomad Sega CDX JVC XEye Bentley Compu-Vision XBox(x2)...
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    XNA Community Games Thread--Check out OP for January's Games, Top 10, & Master List

    Fatal Abyss was also made by a CAG, namely me. : ) I don't post much but I do read the site every day. I did a couple of "making of" videos here and here . up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, b, x...
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    Portland CAGs: 50% off @Wherehouse on 82nd.

    Thanks for leaving one, I picked it up along with Starfox Command.
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    Tales From the Thrift!

    There's a Goodwill nearby that use to be a goldmine for games. NES, Genesis, SNES systems for 5-8 bucks, most carts were 2-5 bucks. I once even found a complete Phantasy Star for $4.99. However, lately they've been lame. Earlier this week they had a NES (regular, not top loader), rf switch...
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    Thinking of buying first dog - Any advice?

    Definitely adopt if you can. If however you do want a puppy, find a reputable breeder. As mentioned before, pure bred dogs do tend to have more health problems, but a good breeder will know how to avoid them. I've owned an Akita and curreently have a pure siberian husky and a husky/malamute...
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    Advice/Suggestions For How to Make a Brain (updated w/ pics of jello brain)

    Go to a butcher shop. I don't think I need to explain any further.
  11. J

    new receiver

    Go for it. I've got a 5860 and it's been nothing but great.
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    Any pinball machine owners on here?

    I've owned a few different machines over the years. Maintenance really depends on what kind of game you're looking at. The older games (electromechanical or EM) had no circuit boards and are somewhat difficult to maintain. It's gotten so that they are hard to even finf someone to work on...
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    Bought Two 2005 Mustangs This Weekend

    I would have mentioned the Aztec, but somehow my mind must have aborted the memories that contain all images of that vehicle. It's like a failsafe to protect my delicate brain. I'll agree that the new Maxima is pretty ugly to. Maybe if they removed the mohawk we can upgrade it from "Jesus...
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    Bought Two 2005 Mustangs This Weekend

    I think the big question here is "What do you really want in a car?" Having some info on what you want to use it for would help a lot. As for me, I'm a fan of used cars because of the massive savings. I've got a '68 Mercedes 250SE, '84 Alfa Romeo GTV6, and a '79 Ferrari 308. I also used to...
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    Why do you yell at CSRs?

    I used to work CSR at a cell phone company. I'd say that 8 out of ten calls started out with the customer being hostile. The big problem I saw with the call center was how it was managed. It was almost designed specifically to piss customers off. 1. Opening script. Better say it correctly...
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    What was the first 3d polygonal game?

    The first one that springs to mind would be "I, Robot" Full polygon graphics back in 1983
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