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  1. idiotman09

    CAGcast #782: Epic Losers

    Maybe the old guy is waiting to finally win a match against you, Cheapy, in order to die in peace. Play and lose an unsanctioned match in order to give him the sweet relief of death.
  2. idiotman09

    CAGcast #776: Too Many Nights

    I am not sure about the devil show cheapy recommended, but the physical 100 has a fantastic English dub, which basically makes the show into one of the funniest shows on Netflix. I am fairly certain they just got a handful of people and got them really really high and let them dub over the show...
  3. idiotman09

    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    Question for you guys. I have a 13 year old son, who has just starting venturing into horror movies and generally more mature programming. We are pretty careful of the things we've let him watch thus far, but we've let him see a few rated R movies, such as The Thing and Child's Play. At what age...
  4. idiotman09

    CAGcast #771: Asshoka

    I heard one of the last two Kmarts in the world is in Long Island. When is the last time any of you have been to Kmart, and is there a little ceasers inside it?
  5. idiotman09

    CAGcast #770: Press “X” to Venus

    Fuck adding the show notes to the forum Cheapy, add it to the app again man! (But seriously anything is better than nothing) Also, I watched Telemarketers a few days ago, not sure if you ever finished it, but it was weird as shit and I learned a lot more about how horrible that business model...
  6. idiotman09

    CAGcast #769: 100 Dumplings

    The outline used to be included on the app, which was super helpful for remembering things. This happens to me a lot as well. Good show though guys, and The Flash is fine. It’s at least interesting throughout. Blue Beetle was good as well, but felt very Antmany to me, and wasn’t nearly as...
  7. idiotman09

    CAGcast #763: Hard Whiz

    Little late to the Blackstone party, but I got one a few months ago and love mine also Wombat. Have you made anything new with it since last talking about it? Stir fry and fajitas are popular meals on it on mine.
  8. idiotman09

    Front page not updating

    Front page is how I kept up with the twitter updates, as I don’t have twitter. Now I check the Cag Discord or the GAMEYE deal Discord.
  9. idiotman09

    CAGcast #760: The Worst Greatest Video Games List of All Time

    I agree with almost all of your points about when video games somewhat plateaued as far as seeming to wow or innovate. I also have vivid memories of seeing CoD2 for the first time and being flabbergasted in a Walmart, looking at it on a 13 inch screen. I don’t think anything has hurt the...
  10. idiotman09

    CAGcast #759: 1/2 Fun, 1/2 Everything Wrong with Games

    I think it’s a combination of lack of news, the guys having busy personal lives (kids), and no sponsor commitments.
  11. idiotman09

    CAGcast #757: WAP

    Uncontrollable laughter from this episode fellas. The AI movie quotes were hilarious.
  12. idiotman09

    CAGcast #756: New Wombat

    I purchased them off the website below. Shipping was a bit high, but it’s international, so it’s to be expected. For $40 all in, it seemed worth it for the experience.   ...
  13. idiotman09

    CAGcast #756: New Wombat

    Cheapy, a significant amount of shows back, you talked about Tokyo Bananas. I ordered some for my wife for our anniversary, and we devoured them. Now there is one left that has been sitting there for a week because neither of us wants to be the one to eat the last one. Thanks for mentioning...
  14. idiotman09

    CAGcast #755: Send in the Clones

    Working in the apartment industry for over a decade, you see a wide array of stupid shit people will put down their garbage disposal. I would say half a sub sandwhich is low tier of ridiculousness. Hot candle wax on the other hand, is up there. Also, the AI chat voices is definitely something...
  15. idiotman09

    CAGcast #754: The $500 Sandwich

    Tournament of Champions continues to be must watch television in our house as well, although Brooke Williamson and Michael Voltaggio not being involved this season do bring it down a notch for me personally. If there is a cooking show worth watching, this is it though. We delve into the...
  16. idiotman09

    CAGcast #752: Hogwarts and All

    I think the only question this week that everyone need an answer to is, who is ordering The Big New Yorker from Pizza Hut? Do it for Reggie! 
  17. idiotman09

    CAGcast #752: Hogwarts and All

    I started this recently as well, and really wasn’t liking it much the first few hours, then it ‘clicked’ and I have been obsessively playing it as often as I can. Despite graphically being very unimpressive, the gameplay is incredibly addicting. As stupid as it is running around the Abbey...
  18. idiotman09

    CAGcast #751: We've Played Everything!

    It’s Wombats choice to not play Hogwarts Legacy, as well of the choice for a small but incredibly vocal percentage of people. His views of Rowling are warranted though, the company he works (worked?) for give him a unique perspective on issues most people don’t have. For him to pretend not to...
  19. idiotman09

    CAGcast #747: Your Favorite Online Show in Entertainment

    This! CAGcast 748: The One We Can’t Remember
  20. idiotman09

    CAGcast #747: Your Favorite Online Show in Entertainment

    Man, Ship sounded absolutely toasted when he jumped on, little disappointed he wasn’t as inebriated as he sounded. I was really digging everything about Midnight Suns, as Wombat was describing it, then he said, “and you can go fishing with Blade…” and I immediately became much less interested...
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