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    Official Leaptrade Thread

    There was a minor issue that affected a couple shipping labels, but we got it fixed today and you should be all set now.  We apologize for the inconvenience. 
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    What are some games that have a suprising resale value?

    With only few exceptions or special editions, it seems like almost all of the games that hold there value well over time are classic RPG's. Maybe people are less sensitive to previous gen technology when the game doesn't rely on it so much.
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    Next Xbox May or May Not Require Online/Allow Used Games (Update 4/25/13)

    That would be cool to see. I feel like most of those that resign or get ousted from higher up positions do fine afterwards. Folks like Mark Hurd come to mind. As far as Orth is concerned, while I don't agree with him and think he's now regretting his comments, others have done a lot worse...
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    Official Leaptrade Thread

    12-18-2013 UPDATE - Alpha Strike Days Promotion We are announcing a limited time special where we will trade the hottest next generation titles on both major platforms for a player's used games.  For the next 30 days of the "Alpha Strike" promotion gamers can trade in their used games directly...
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    Pachter predicts $70 games for next gen

    Wouldn't be too hard to believe a higher than $60 price to differentiate between current gen and next gen games at least in the short run. Although, something about $70 just seems a lot more expensive than $60. Having said that, I'm not sure any console maker wants to be the first to raise prices.
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    CAG Beer Drinkers Unite! Beer Snobs and Cheap Ass Drunks Welcome!

    Recently had Houblon Chouffe Dobbelen IPA Tripel and it's a great combination.
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    Watch Gollum Sing Les Miserables

    Wow, just wow.... Can't wait for the LOTR footage remake.
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    Bungie: Destiny

    That and you can still play it single player.
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    I need a new keyboard.

    My friend has a DAS keyboard with the blue switches, compared to the browns they are a more high pitched sound, you can hear them from farther away. I personally like the browns better, but it's all personal preference.
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    Bungie: Destiny

    Commitment for 10 years, that's pretty serious. I have high hopes for this game/series. I heard they have 350 people working on this at bungie.
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    What are you playing?

    Subspace is great, still play it every once in a while. My favorite zone was Extreme Games. Playing: Final Fantasy XIII Borderlands 2 Kings Bounty: Armored Princess Civilization V
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    Disney buys Lucasfilm & announces Star Wars: Episode VII

    That would be cool, just as long as they get this first one right. There will never be a shortage of story ideas in that universe.
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    What games for Laptop?

    The HD4000 is not bad as far as integrated goes. You'll have to go to lower settings, but I'd add SC2 and TF2 to that list.
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    I need a new keyboard.

    I've got a CM Storm Quickfire Pro with the cherry brown switches and it's great. The keys are normal height, but the whole keyboard was taller than my old non-mechanical keyboard, so it took a little bit to get used to the new height. Go with a mechanical keyboard, you won't regret it, the...
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    New console/game advice needed.

    Like others were saying, definitely stick with the 360, not worth the trouble to trade it out, especially since you are building a gaming PC in a few months. Tales of Vesperia, Eternal Sonata, and Lost Odyssey are all great recommendations. While the reviews weren't as great as some other...
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    Xbox 360 console purchase advice

    Normally I'd recommend buying a used console, I did that with my Wii, but with the 360 and all the issues it's had, I'd be wary about not getting a full warranty with a used version. I know the new ones are a lot more reliable, but I'd hate to see you have issues with your new xbox right after...
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    Surface Pro now live on - I KNOW ITS NOT A DEAL

    Surface Pro is a great machine, but unless you really need the smaller form factor of the tablet, it seems a little expensive when for $999 you can get a Lenovo Yoga 13 with the same specs, in a slightly larger chassis with a built in keyboard. I used an RT for a while and the problem is that...
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    Buy your whole collection here only $550k

    Guess he just figured that out and relisted it for $575k.
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    What annoys you the most when shopping at gamestop?

    I think this is mostly management's fault. I know a few folks who work there, and they have some stories about what goes on, pretty ridiculous stuff. Plus, I think they are worse than starbucks with store locations. Went to one mall in VA where they had two stores not even 100 feet from each...
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    Borderlands 2 - Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep - 6/25 - 800 pts.

    And when they inevitably raise the level cap, you'll get more playtime out that too. Or do the second playthrough co-op. Even though you are doing the same stuff, it still seems pretty fresh with a buddy or two at your side.
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