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  1. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #512: Pancake Fishing

    Hi Wombat! I have some bad news about Lawbreakers for you and shipwreck. These are the steam numbers and it is probably even lower on the PS4. It is a shame, I played the beta and it did seem fun.
  2. codenamelenny

    CAGcast 500th Episode Semi-Spectacular

    Congratulations on getting to 500! I've been listening for many years and don't think I've ever missed an episode...... even though I sometimes disagree with your guys' opinions, I thought godzilla was a good movie.
  3. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #494: Shepard Forever

    I know it's not right but I also have the immediate tendency of labeling someone as "stupid" if they have a thick accent. I'm from Maine and even when I hear a thick New England accent I assume they are stupid or exaggerating their speech. It probably does come from stereotypes on TV and movies.
  4. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #483: Waggle is Back, Bitches!

    I agree mostly with your switch presentation discussion, it was very disappointing and I also ended up preordering one. I don't think we can take their word about the switch not being a 3DS replacement. When the DS came out they said the same about the Gameboy line and they never released another.
  5. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #481: Grand Moff Talkin’

    I was going on here just to say that. I find it very annoying and think it should be more clear. I only found out because I saw that "the ranch" (ashton kutcher's netflix show) was 1 star on my account and 4 stars on a friends.
  6. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #479: Oy Vey

    I think an artificial shortage makes sense for the first couple weeks but now it's the middle of December, the time where you'd ramp up supply to get those impulse purchasers who assume it's still rare. That CNET video is funny to hear him so that although I think he changed his wording mid...
  7. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #476: CONTAINS DONGS

    Pokemon "go get them all"                                          -Shipwreck
  8. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #472: It’s Just Dance

    The switch talk was very strange. I guess you guys have already talked about the rumors and probably read a bunch of reactions on twitter. It definitely is Nintendo consolidating their two software efforts into one. I personally think they are doing a great job so far especially with the...
  9. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #470: COOK PERSONS EAT A!
  10. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #469: Different Folks, Different Marathons

    Not really feedback to the show but I randomly went to a third eye blind concert a couple months ago. The lead singer went on a rant, not political. It was about people not looking at each other and living in the moment, at least I think so, it was kinda all over the place. It was a decent show...
  11. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #468: How to Fix a Broken Toilet

    The comments aren't usually this bad. Maybe come back after the election. I think the more controversial part of the podcast was the VR talk. It's too bad you weren't shown anything good. They should have had SportsBarVR (Pool Nation VR on PC). I played pool nation VR on the vive before and it...
  12. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #465: 4K-ish

    This fall is crowded with new hardware, PS4 slim, Xbox S, PS4 Pro and PSVR. I don't think it's a great idea for sony to release all three around the same time. Maybe they should have waited to put out PSVR or directly competed with scorpio and released Pro in 2017.
  13. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #464: Road Trip Kombat

    It's good to hear that wombat had a good time in Maine. I live in Maine so I've been to most of the places that he mentioned. I have done the hard trail on blue hill, it's not as bad as wombat was describing. There is a couple steep spots but it's mostly fine. Also Ironically, I don't enjoy...
  14. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #462: Live at LI Retro!

    There was some interesting stories in there. I don't think I've ever heard the whole story about wombat's name before. Question for wombat and shipwreck, were you guys nervous when doing it?
  15. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #460: Triple Headlander

    Lucioball is a good thing because it shows blizzard is willing to do completely different modes for weekly brawls. though playing lucioball just made me want to play rocket league instead, it isn't any fun. The better version of lucioball is federation force blastball since you can always be...
  16. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #459: We Kneed This

    I forget that the negative comments always stand out and last week that's all it pretty much was. Like a lot of people, I only write when I have something to say and that's usually when I strongly disagree. I enjoy the show every week and look forward to ship's basement video.
  17. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #458: Pokemon Go Away

    My phone auto corrects it to add the accent, no work needed for me. Also in fairness to cheapy, all the other podcasts I listen to were all pretty down on pokémon go.
  18. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #458: Pokemon Go Away

    Cheapy so harsh on pokemon go. I agree that the gameplay is very shallow but the collection/leveling up is very addicting. I also like that I can talk to anyone about it which is not the case about any other game I play. I was also a person that was into geocaching a couple years ago which is a...
  19. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #457:

    Thorbahn is on brand as always! He will be the one who will #makeCAGgreatAgain! .......or maybe just make it slightly better since there was never really a decline of quality.
  20. codenamelenny

    CAGcast #455: E3 2016 - Not Brought To You By Mountain Dew!

    Graphically I think some of zelda looks kinda rough but for the most part I really like what I see. I've seen it described as studio ghibli -like. The sony presser is the only press conference that being there was probably the much better experience. I personally enjoyed the Microsoft one...
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