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  1. dude2003

    (DEAD) $8 Amazon coupon for Brave is up - expires July 19

    price is down to 34.99 so if u use the coupon it will be 26.99
  2. dude2003

    High interest saving accounts

    i too use ing direct, but expect their rate to drop to b&m banks. they have been bought by capital one
  3. dude2003

    Your *** Black Friday *** Want List

    i would like that as well
  4. dude2003

    W: Shin Megami Tensei Games, PS3 RPGs, Others.

    Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance II - complete - (B) $7
  5. dude2003

    Glyde Integration on CAG

    so do you send directly to the buyer or do you send to glyde and then they send to the buyer?
  6. dude2003

    W: Xbox Live $20 Card, PP Have: Gears Collection Code $8, R6V Code $4

    #56 heroes s2 $1 #57 heroes s3 $1
  7. dude2003

    Yet More Craigslist Stupidity!
  8. dude2003

    XBOX 360 SE Final Fantasy XIII 250GB Elite Bundle $199 @ WALMART YMMV (PICS)

    which bay area walmart did you go to?
  9. dude2003

    Costco Dual Shock 3 w/ game bundle $54.79

    should have use SAVER15 to make it $51+tax. hope you at least used SAVER for free shipping
  10. dude2003

    Fringe DVD Season 1 Deals?

    best buy had it for 9.99 a couple of months ago. they may bring that price back later on
  11. dude2003

    Dreamcast games that have aged well?

    been playing sf3 3rd strike and it's still great
  12. dude2003

    So how much is "too much" to have in the bank?

    i would get a 30 year no matter what because that will give you flexibility. let's say your were quoted to $1k/month for 30 yrs and $1.5k for 15 yrs, you can always pay $1.5k with your 30 year mortgage, but can't pay $1k for your 15 yr mortgage. having a 30 yr mortgage and pay $1.5k will have...
  13. dude2003

    Ninjas foil Australia mugging scary just to think about ninjas running after you
  14. dude2003

    Action Movies

    face/off broken arrow true lies
  15. dude2003

    Diablo III / Diablo II Thread

    actually i'm on probably twice a week and about an hour or less a night. don't have much time
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