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  1. tylerdurden10

    Official Collector's Edition Compilation XII - 2021

    Same here, was beginning to just accept that I wasn't going to grab one! Was shocked to see it actually last a few minutes too.
  2. tylerdurden10 select pre-owned games 4 for $40 (under $20) and 4 for $20 (under $10)

    Ugh wasn't paying attention to this sale, had my cart loaded up and missed the damn deadline for the sale by 5 MINUTES!!!!!!  :bomb:
  3. tylerdurden10

    Black Friday Videogame 2022 List and General Discussion

    So annoyed that I missed out on Dusk Diver 2 for PS5, as I wasn't paying attention and didn't know the sale had already gone live (and of course I was able to get ALL the others I wanted). Sucks too, since it's such a niche title that I'm sure it won't get re-stocked. Ugh
  4. tylerdurden10

    Target Circle 20% Off Video Games

    I was able to pre-order Xenoblade Chronicles 3 with it and just assumed it was over on Sunday. 
  5. tylerdurden10

    Xbox Series S/X Re-stock Thread

    Weird, I had no issues with Walmart 
  6. tylerdurden10

    Playstation 5 Re-stock Thread

    Wow! Can't believe that Amazon link worked and I was able to grab one. Sometimes this site really works some magic!  :applause:  :bow:
  7. tylerdurden10

    TurboGrafx-16 Mini Retro Console (Amazon Exclusive : Pre-orders start July 15th)

    After reading some of the stories here about DHL's poor service, I have to give credit where it's due. My order shipped on 7/22 from Japan, and has already arrived today in MA! They sent me constant updates and allowed me choices of leaving at my door or signature upon delivery. It was packaged...
  8. tylerdurden10

    TurboGrafx-16 Mini Retro Console (Amazon Exclusive : Pre-orders start July 15th)

    I don't see it available on Amazon (only re-sellers). What am I missing?
  9. tylerdurden10

    Cowboom PS4 299.99

    Best part about this pic is the 3 for $25 DVD's! lmao
  10. tylerdurden10

    3 Month Xbox Live Gold Membership (Digital Delivery) for $11.53

    Their website is so laughably bad. Each time I progressed onto a different screen, I would get the “Sorry, something went wrong, we’ll be back in a bit” error! Not only that, when I actually got to checkout, I was declined twice through PayPal, yet still got a confirmation email (and was charged...
  11. tylerdurden10

    Famiiy Video BF Sale Minecraft-Switch $10, Captain Toad $20 and more, free shipping

    Deepdiscount actually has it for $20, so that would be the best price I've seen for it.
  12. tylerdurden10

    SNES Classic Discussion Thread

    That just reminds me, anybody else would LOVE to see them make a Terminator game using the same engine/game design as Horizon: Zero Dawn? Since basically considering that game is pretty much a direct knock off (in a good way) of the Terminator franchise? 8-)
  13. tylerdurden10

    SNES Classic Discussion Thread

    Same thing happened to me just now, I literally felt my heart come out of my ass when it asked me to type in the card numbers again! lol
  14. tylerdurden10

    SNES Classic Discussion Thread

    Just scored it at!!  :shock:
  15. tylerdurden10

    Nintendo Switch Console Stock Thread - Mario Odyssey bundle announced

    Finally picked up a Switch today for $280 after using discounted gift cards.  8-)
  16. tylerdurden10

    Limited Run Games Thread - Nothing is Limited, We Make Everything Now!

    Got my PS4 copy today as well, and opened it right away. :-
  17. tylerdurden10

    PSN Weekly Deals - 7/12: RePlay Sale! $8 N++, $8 Galak-Z, $8 Everybody's GttR, $4 Loud on Planet X, & More!

    Hate to say it, but I agree. I'm not sure what the big draw is here, graphically it looks like a mid-90's PC game like Myst or something. How is this worth $40? :-k
  18. tylerdurden10

    Senran Kagura 2: Deep Crimson Double D Edition 25.59 after GCU

    ....And this is why I need to stop buying games day 1 knowing full well I won't touch the game for months, maybe years due to my embarrassingly large backlog!  :wall:
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