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  1. MightyCollector

    Transformers: The Japanese Collection $89.99

    Any word on whether (or when) they will release Masterforce or Victory separately? I already bought Headmasters on its own (right before I learned of this box set) and I'd hate to have to rebuy it to get the rest.
  2. MightyCollector

    4 New Nintendo Selects Aug. 28th!

    Too bad I just got Mario Galaxy. At least it wasn't too much more than this. Now this needs to happen with Smash Bros.
  3. MightyCollector

    The New Play-Asia Coupon Thread

    JU-TKZ-OZS $5 off $50 Exp. 10 Mar, 2011
  4. MightyCollector

    The New Play-Asia Coupon Thread

    Does anyone have a $5 off $50 they can spare?
  5. MightyCollector

    Ys Seven LE: Now $29.99 / Ys OoF LE: Now $29.99

    Aw. By the time I got through checkout Seven LE sold out.
  6. MightyCollector

    The New Play-Asia Coupon Thread

    Oops, forgot I had this. $5 off $50 Expires July 1 FJ-JDO-AVB
  7. MightyCollector

    The New Play-Asia Coupon Thread

    KG-DTB-FJU - Exp. June 12 RD-IHA-RAW - Exp. July 1 both $5 off $50
  8. MightyCollector

    Jack of All Trades Amazon 13.99

    Crud. I just spent about $4 more (after shipping and tax) ordering this from Wal-Mart, after waiting for any kind of price drop for a long time.
  9. MightyCollector

    LBP, Gran Turismo, NBA The Inside 10 (PSP) $10 at KMART YMMV

    I checked the Fremont, OH store today hoping to find LBP. No luck. I picked up the SingStar bundle for my nieces. They also had Secret Agent Clank, Harvest Moon Frantic Farming and a few $20 games that are always $20, but nothing else that stood out.
  10. MightyCollector Pre-Owned Box & Manual Guarantee - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    (Huh, didn't notice this topic until today.) Uh... Mega Man X7 Mega Man Powered Up Gradius V Punch-Out!! Super Princess Peach The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass
  11. MightyCollector

    All In-Store Walmart Deals go HERE. The official YMMV Walmart clearance thread.

    I was at the Wal-Mart in Tiffin, OH today and they had the silver PSP 2000 Daxter bundle marked down to $170.
  12. MightyCollector Sandisk 8GB Memory Stick PRO Duo $45.99

    This is my first time posting a deal here. Sorry if it's already been posted. Got an email today from SanDisk 8GB Memory Stick PRO Duo for $45.99, free shipping
  13. MightyCollector

    The New Play-Asia Coupon Thread

    PJ-AGE-TJE $5 off $50 Exp. April 21, 2008
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