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  1. Nutts

    Xbox Live Gold 12 months for $28.74

    Is it still cheap to convert gold into gamepass. I did that a long time ago but my gamepass subscription is about to expire in the next few months. Is buying Xbox Live Gold still a cheap way to extend a gamepass subscription?
  2. Nutts

    target b2g1 video games starting 11-7-21

    Yeah, that's right. I forgot, Target was pretty good at doing that so you can't return one of the full price games. There have been other retailers though that seem to screw up sales like that but I'm guessing those retailers are probably out of business now (Circuit City, TRU) :)
  3. Nutts

    target b2g1 video games starting 11-7-21

    The ad says "Mix and Match" and the sale is for "Books, movies, board games, video games, activity sets and puzzles". This seems ripe for glitches. Like maybe, buy two $5 books and get Far Cry 6 free?
  4. Nutts

    The Elder Scrolls Online Free Play Weekend (Begins this Thursday) X1 & PC

    60% off is a deal and I didn't know about the free to play weekend so I say "Thank you very much, Sir!" ;)
  5. Nutts

    Elite Dangerous for X1 now on Game Preview! $30.99

    I appreciate the effort OP. You're not the only one to misread a date. I'd like to know if anyone has tried it yet on the Xbox One. It sounds like something I'd really like. I read about it on the PC, and wasn't sure if the Xbox One version was the same with all of the exploration of stars, or...
  6. Nutts

    Sony 24" Playstation 3D Display (Manufacturer Refurbished) - $129.99 - Groupon

    I have two of these displays set up for my PC, plus I have an Xbox One hooked into one and a 360 hooked into the other. I love these displays. The original one I got does the black screen 1-2 second thing once in a while. It's not too bad. The other is a referb unit that I think I got for $99 at...
  7. Nutts

    Problems with Best Buy Gamer's Club Unlocked

    I never have any problem online, and everything is linked. I think you just can't buy the gamers club unlocked online, at least you couldn't when I got mine, you had to do it in store.
  8. Nutts

    Extreme YMMV: TRU Xbox One Games $0.02

    There are new versions of all three of those games, so they are probably trying to remove the old/original versions. If it rang up for .02 though, that would be interesting to see if they ring up like that in stores.
  9. Nutts

    CAG & Walmart Giveaway - 3 each: South Park: The Stick of Truth Grand Wizard Edition & Infamous: Second Son

    If we win do we get to choose or is it just awarded? I don't think I could choose, they both sound like great games! Awesome giveaway.
  10. Nutts

    Stand by for Titanfall!

    So far I'm loving this game. I don't understand the people who are complaining that it's like Call of Duty with Mechs. I don't remember being able to run up walls, scale buildings like Crackdown, and jump into windows at any moment in COD. If anything I get a more Halo feel from it than anything...
  11. Nutts

    Skylanders - Toys brought to life, Cross-platform Connectivity *Giants Out Now*

    I just picked up the Arkeyan Crossbow Battle Pack off of Best Buy's Website. It was the first time I saw that pack outside of Toys R US.
  12. Nutts

    What new games are you currently playing?

    I've been addicted to Marvel Puzzle Quest. You do have to wait xxx time when your characters get injured, but I only play before bed and by the time my characters are too injured, I'm ready to sleep anyway. I even have 16 health packs that I never use, that would completely heal someone if needed.
  13. Nutts

    Target Clearance Thread XXI (YMMV) [euthanised]

    This is nice, but MSRP now for the 32 gig card is 79.99 almost everywhere now. The 64 gig memory card is going to be 99.99. Point is, I would expect this to survive at least another price drop. to 50%.
  14. Nutts

    Wheel of Fortune (Xbox 360) $15.99 on Amazon

    I like it. Needed something to play with the wife and the kids around. Wishing Family Feud was 15.
  15. Nutts

    Brick & Mortar Deal/Sale of the Year 2012

    Walmart's sale was the best for me and it probably didn't hurt that it went active early on Thanksgiving day. :)
  16. Nutts

    $50 Gift Card with purchase of 3DS XL at Meijer [In Store MIDWEST Only]

    Same here in mid-ohio. At least according to the online weekly ad.
  17. Nutts

    Halo 4 $39.99 @ Amazon (Target Price-match)

    You people need to play more games. Halo 4 has probably some of the best graphics ever seen on the xbox. Not even close to being outdated. Now if you want to compare to pc games...then sure, it's a 7 yr old console.
  18. Nutts

    Walmart deals are LIVE in-store

    Picked up 9 games with no problem.
  19. Nutts

    Sunday Ad Video Game Deals (10/28/12 to 11/3/12) Buy 2, Get 1 Free at Target

    This isn't just AC games. This is almost ALL Ubisoft games. They have along track record of going on sale almost immediately after launch. It may only be $20 at first but soon, it will be down to $20.
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