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    They Should Just Make Being Poor and a CheapAss a Crime Already

    kbot -- no I dont hate -- you know that - but I am very concerned about the disease situation that is popping up in a lot of places and the lies by govt that says they checked when no they didnt. And we both know where the ill will show up - and not just the real US citizens - and who is going...
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    2016 Tax Time

    Tax return, ha I havent seen one of those in years. I refuse to give Uncle Sam an interest-free loan for a year, so I cut a check every April. I have my allowances pretty well set though so its usually 100 or less.
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    2018 Yard Sale / Flea Market Finds

    By chance was that Ohio swap meet anywhere near Lima: did they also have coon dog trials? If so I was there also and found a long wanted item for a price I could live with; it was a great weekend
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