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    Black Friday 2019 Video Game Deals - Master Thread, Spreadsheet, and General Black Friday Discussion

    I saw the prices of games in Amazon and they are just crazy. Seriously. I can’t even imagine who will pay so much money for a computer game. I recently saw a seller in Amazon with a huge variety of cartridges for Nintendo and Gameboy. There were Mario, Pokemon, Zelda and many other games of my...
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    DotA 2 - Let's Monster Kill Together!

    Because I am a student at school, I have quite a lot of time and I can play Dota2 whenever I want.My parents are against my games, but come on, what teenager hasn't gone through that?I explained to them that it is something temporary, that at the moment it is interesting to me and after a while...
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    Trying to build a website. Need advice from devs and programmers?

    WOW, dude! I wish you success in your endeavors. To contain an entire online game you'll need a lot of money to invest in it. Just don't forget that you'll have expenses after creating the game, hosting, PR Agency, promotion of your game, as well as pay salaries to developers. When I created my...
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    Make easy Money Daily

    Oh, show me someone who really doesn't want to earn easy money, haha. This website looks really good. However, if we started to speak about earning easy money, i also can recommend you one app, which I personally use. To get money using inboxdollars you need to play your favorite computer games...
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