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    Mass. Legislature approves plan to bypass Electoral College

    I read in an email from the DSSA that if you sign up to make a comment or statement at the hearing, and if you are lucky enought to be chosen, you will be restricted to 2 MINUTES. Isnt that rich?
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    Hello to all... newbie here

    Hello All, Just joined this forum, looking forward to make many good friends here
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    Far Cry: New Dawn $19.99/15.99 GCU at Best Buy

    I have early access to the Black Friday deals at Best Buy. Once you spend 1500 in store you achieve "elite" status earn this ability. If theres anything you want reply in the thread or PM me. They still have a ton of stuff available.
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    The "Stay Classy, Republicans" Super Nintendo Chalmers Thread

    Ah. The typical response. You are consistent, if nothing else. I know you enjoy the jousting, Al. You participate so eagerly. All Im saying is that we should do it here, rather than hijack a serious thread. You can see the logic in that, cant you? That was a question, by the way.
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    Pretty Informal Reviews Twitter Giveaways

    I dont really understand the hate for twitter and facebook but I can understand if people dont want to create an account just for contests. Unfortunately many contests are based around these two sites.
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    Remember when people used to post good deals on the Video Games Deals board?

    What if theyre not bots, and their actually people hired by the movie companies to spam people to watch their movies?
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    Pokemon Legendary 2018 Codes

    wow Pokemon has come such a far way. I remember back in the days of playing Red and Blue and collecting the cards.
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    PAX South 2018 its BBQ Time

    PAX is only in seattle , boston , seattle again and melbourne. Its a massive videogame exhibition. Allot of developers showcase new games/systems etc. Its massive , cant believe u havent heard about it.
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    What are you currently reading? Post here!

    Eh? I didnt post that Ive never read an Iain Banks book in my life Im currently reading Chris Kamaras biog. Found it for ?2
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    Remove Negative Feedback

    You dont need to memorize it - just look down the list of forums till you hit website feedback.
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    Recent Trend: Thinking Collector Edition Games are the Console itself.

    Because there's no topic so simple that there can't be some oddball exceptions: Would games for the 32x and Sega CD peripherals count as 16 bit?
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