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  1. cfootball1

    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    Any chance in you guys particularly wombat going back and playing Fallout 76? The game has improved immensely since release.
  2. cfootball1

    willing partner in new creative endeavors

    I was thinking in the current landscape maybe potentially ripe for new creative content. Thinking maybe gaming/tech or media and possibly gen lifestyle influences. Maybe podcast or a YT series. Maybe cheapy opens wallet and supports us here . Just kidding :- . Please DM me if interested.
  3. cfootball1

    What is America's Most Evil Company?

    Used to be Electronic Arts but not with inclusion of EA access into game pass.
  4. cfootball1

    What should I finish first?

    Torn between 5 barley started games -  Arkham Night, RDR2, Far Cry 5, Metro, Saints Row IV.
  5. cfootball1

    Why Bernie?

    Bernie looks flustered and senile because Trump.
  6. cfootball1

    Bill Nye: "Do you believe in God?"

    Bump, I was 19 when I wrote my spiel. Not too shabby.
  7. cfootball1

    The "Stay Classy, Republicans" Super Nintendo Chalmers Thread

    Man, Stephen Colbert is a fucking hack. Same with the floundering new daily show guy.  All left-wing shills that act like little children. Liberals have regressed to little children on some real shit. You guys needed a reality check and check yourself out of the bubble sipping hot cocoa in...
  8. cfootball1

    Sanders and Trump will lose.

    Has there ever been a candidate that boasts were just gonna WIN ALL THE TIME? The fucking confidence on that dude it's badass. Like he legit believes that. Or does he? Thoughts?
  9. cfootball1

    Wonderful and upstanding speech by Americas Only hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson

    It's kinda like an argument that Joe Rogan had with Gavin Mcinnes (co-founder of Vice). Joe posits the facile argument the school should dole out a free lunch -  $1.80 for a ham sandwich for a kid that can't afford it that's in possession of the school while the kid is there. The counter...
  10. cfootball1

    Wonderful and upstanding speech by Americas Only hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson

    18 trillion dollars his plan costs, even Bill Maher thinks it's insane. The man is so batshit crazy I wouldn't even be terribly upset if he won - just to see what the fuck happens and i'm conservative through and through. He already admitted taxing the 1% isn't enough - not even 100%. He...
  11. cfootball1

    Should Cannabis be Legalized?

    I used to have a theory of a generation of potsmokers. Like if waay more people and young adults smoked weed and it was accepted as legal. Where we'd be. I think a decline in production would be seen and I used to be a huge legalization advocate. But then from my personal experience I developed...
  12. cfootball1

    Wonderful and upstanding speech by Americas Only hopeful, Dr. Ben Carson

    I just don't know if he'd help the economy like a Trump would. Damn right, I said it. I don't really know if he knows anything about it. It's funny to see liberals interview him though - they do show the man his respect. He wants a 10% flat tax rate based on tithing. Trump wants 0% income tax...
  13. cfootball1

    Marriage Equality - Sure, I'll start it up

    I don't know but i'm watching the ESPY's - God knows why and Caitlyn Jenner is giving a 30 minute speech. Abby Wambach called her stunning I just wanna know if she'd do some freaky stuff with a tranny if not I'm handing in my rainbow tie.
  14. cfootball1

    The "Stay Classy, Obama" Thread

    Pick her for what? I don't think it would be conforming to a Native American bombing tree's and stuff. Denzel or President Obama sure do know how to make a strong argument.
  15. cfootball1

    CAGcast #372: Healthy Consumer Demand

    Hell yeah.
  16. cfootball1

    Donald Sterling Spouts Off

    That meme gave me a weird feeling. Especially it's very annoying attempts to tone down a blatantly racist comment at the end.
  17. cfootball1

    Obama Care Could Be Deadly

    I meant black man's in general not directly "the black man" (Obama) in detailing the narrative.
  18. cfootball1

    Obama Care Could Be Deadly

    I've noticed Fox News sold some Obamacare while shitting in it's mouth. Damn media powerhouse can't even troll properly. I'd imagine you could pull some stellar numbers when a bunch of whitey's are continuously hating on the black man's attempts to "save live's". Even if the entire system is...
  19. cfootball1

    I remember when Romney was mocked by Obama for taking Putin seriously...

    Don't these conspiracy theories like sweeping national corporate racism sound a little too good to be true? Don't they have to originate somewhere. We all love to root for the oppressed. It starts with the tree's are being oppressed; a dunce wrongly ponders an unsightly exhaust pipe and global...
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