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  1. youruglyclone

    Have: $100 in Robux cards. Want: Steam or Paypal

    would you take 80 for the cards?
  2. youruglyclone

    CAGcast #768: Live from LI Retro 2023!

    I hope you enjoy that Resetti plush, Wombat! Seriously it was good to see you folks and I hope you guys and your families had a great time at the show!
  3. youruglyclone

    FS: Death Stranding DS4 controller

    the user's been banned so I'm gonna say no.
  4. youruglyclone

    LF: All things Vagrant Story; Final Fantasy X Bahamut ArtFX, etc. Buying or trading.

    are you looking to do trades only? cause I have a Dead Space 3 Dev edition I might be willing to part with.
  5. youruglyclone

    [W]: LEGO Super Mario Thwomp Drop (New) — [H]: $70

    it's available on backorder at the online LEGO store if you have the patience,
  6. youruglyclone

    W: Destiny Collectors Edition Stuff H: Paypal

    still looking for this? I might have some of that stuff.
  7. youruglyclone

    Back in Stock - Win 10 Pro Keys $15

    would you be willing to do 2 Win10 pro and outer worlds for 40?
  8. youruglyclone

    For Sale Tons of Games

    how much are you looking for all your ereader stuff?
  9. youruglyclone

    W: Xbox one controllers or elite wireless controllers H: PP

    got a new xbox one controller (1708 model w. standard bluetooth) pulled from a NBA 2k19 Xbox One X system Pics Looking for 50 shipped.
  10. youruglyclone

    CAGcast #620: Bones House

    Pretty sure PAX Aus is the red headed stepchild of the PAXs
  11. youruglyclone

    CAGcast #614: Thanksgiving “Special”

    RE: not really broadcasting you're on a podcast   Maybe you should do a little self promotion Cheapy, cause I've seen some folks who seem think that thorbahn is the owner of cheapassgamer.
  12. youruglyclone

    H: X1 Fallout 76 code W: $ 22 paypal only

    still have that 6 months of office 365?
  13. youruglyclone

    HD code for Jurassic world: fallen kingdom for sale !

    want to sell that jurassic world: fallen kingdom code as well?
  14. youruglyclone


    pm sent
  15. youruglyclone

    「Just the non-paid items」 ~ Get the leftovers ~

    Payment sent for this youruglyclone666 - $66 +52.50 $hipping = $118.50(SAL is the price shown. I can technically make it cheaper by going surface on the biggest package, but it's NOT recommended. Your call though.) 4. :vita: Valkyrie Drive Bhikkhuni Nyu Nyu DX Pack w/Bonus DLC Card...
  16. youruglyclone

    「Just the non-paid items」 ~ Get the leftovers ~

    damn that was I can sleep. blackdog you earned your mousepad.  
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