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  1. GOTA

    CAGcast #775: This Used to Be My Playground

    I'm done with Best Buy.  I preordered Spider-Man 2 for a birthday present.  I had bought a refrigerator from Best Buy and had $55 in rewards that I applied.  I preordered in early August for store pickup.  The Friday release day comes and my game isn't in.  I call customer service and was told...
  2. GOTA

    CAGcast #766: No Trespooping!

    Cheapy it's not like you are going to actually do anything if you caught the person depositing poop in your garbage cans.   Kids hang out and vape on your property.  Your neighbors roll boulders on your yard.  The mailman tells you have you have to change your house to accommodate what he...
  3. GOTA

    CAGcast #763: Hard Whiz

    A GI Joe/Transformers movie?  Yes!  It's a real possibility.  Robert Kirkman of Walking Dead just got the comic book licenses for GI Joe and Transformers for Image Comics.  Transformers starts in October.  The Duke comic starts in December where the GI Joe team is investigating the rumors of the...
  4. GOTA

    CAGcast #760: The Worst Greatest Video Games List of All Time

    Cheapy you were in Japan way too long.   New Yorkers aren't exactly known for being polite.  You go outside and tell these kids that this is private property and to get the fuck off your lawn.  You don't need a gun or bat or anything else.  All that is required is a loud voice and some balls.  ...
  5. GOTA

    CAGcast #751: We've Played Everything!

    Hogwarts Legacy just broke the all time views record for a single player game on Twitch.  1.2 million views at once.   So much for the boycott.
  6. GOTA

    CAGcast #751: We've Played Everything!

    EA knew who they were getting involved with when they made the decision to make these games.  None of this is new.  They're not going to come out with a statement or do anything that could potentially hurt sales.   Movie studios that hire Mel Gibson don't turn around and apologize.  Ezra Miller...
  7. GOTA

    CAGcast #745: Extremely Hardcore

    I'm in the camp of enjoying Rogue One but being completely frustrated watching Phantom Menace. I still remember seeing in Phantom Menace where there was a sky view of the city and outside it was just blank. It was as if those doing the special effects just forgot everything outside of the...
  8. GOTA

    CAGcast #745: Extremely Hardcore

    Don't do a shot of $60 bourbon.  Get yourself a wide mouthed glass and sip it.  The idea is to enjoy it.  If you are just trying to get some alcohol down your throat like you are a 21 year old college kid then go buy something for $15 in plastic jug.  I'm not sure I'd even make an Old Fashioned...
  9. GOTA

    CAGcast #734: Ping Pong is My Passion

    The Batgirl movie wasn't finished.  They were in the editing process.  The special effects weren't completed.  There was a siginificant amount of money still to be spent to get it done.  They weighed the return vs future costs and the return just wasn't going to be there and they could take a...
  10. GOTA

    CAGcast #725: Ben Cooper Battle Royale

    I stumbled into The Pentaverate and watched the whole damn thing.  It was like eating a whole pint of Ben and Jerry's.  You don't feel good doing it but it sure was enjoyable.  Mike Myers, Adam Sandler and Jim Carey are funny guys even if you end up groaning when you aren't laughing.  
  11. GOTA

    CAGcast #715: Committed to Excellence

    A true laugh out loud moment from Wombat. The delivery was perfect.
  12. GOTA

    CAGcast #714: Creatively Independent

    I just want to wish Shipwreck the best of luck in the Super Bowl.  The last 2 times the Bengals were there ended up being classic games.  They helped make Joe Montana a legend.  There won't be any Montana moments in this one.  Ken Anderson, Boomer and Icky will be all watching.  Chris...
  13. GOTA

    CAGcast #713: Microsoft Are Our Masters Now

    If it's fixed why make the teams in the largest market bad but push small places like Green Bay and Kansas City? If the goal was to get New York to bet then the fix would be to have Jets and Giants competitive enough to drive up local interest to bet on them. Congrats Shipwreck on your Bengals...
  14. GOTA

    CAGcast #713: Microsoft Are Our Masters Now

    Add NFL football to the list of topics that Wombat is an 'expert' on but knows nothing about
  15. GOTA

    CAGcast #697: Better Late Than Never

    Wombat sometimes your jokes are   the queerest of the queer the strangest of the strange the coldest of the cool the lamest of the lame
  16. GOTA

    CAGcast #693: 4 Monkeys

    I had the same reaction. I love Wombat but it's 2021 and since he's the most concerned about these issues apparently he's going to do the right thing and go. Seriously though, I completely agree that Jason Schreier made that comment because of the past history of some of the people in this new...
  17. GOTA

    CAGcast #690: It Was That

    I know you guys were backed up on news but I'd love to hear your take on the potential changes to Assassin's Creed being discussed.  How does a game go from being a single player story focused stealth game to a multiplayer competition like Apex Legends or Destiny and still work?  Wombat spoke...
  18. GOTA

    CAGcast #686: We Believe in Generations But Also Money

    My 17 year old son finished Mass Effect LE in a little more than a week.  The XBox Series X is so fast that there are almost no loading times.  You can also put the subtitles on and skip tons of dialogue if you want.  It's really changed how these giant open world game work.  What used to be 40...
  19. GOTA

    CAGcast #684: We're Nerdy Toy Guys

    I understand why Wombat is upset about Orange Theory but if he's going to practice that soapbox stance then he's not going to be able to shop or even go anywhere.  Walmart, Target, Costco, Trader Joes, Kroger, Home Depot, CVS and Best Buy are just a few of the national chains who are also...
  20. GOTA

    Miss your blogs. Glad the cosplay has taken off. Hope you are well

    Miss your blogs. Glad the cosplay has taken off. Hope you are well
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