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  1. kamiza

    Win EVERYTHING* Competition Comment Thread

    I cannot believe you are doing this. Amazing
  2. kamiza

    CAGcast #205: Steve Job

    I just want to say thanks to the cag godaddy codes I set up my own website and its going really well. Thanks a lot Cheapy and Cheaparsegamer!
  3. kamiza

    FIFA 09 Discussion / Events

    I'm not sure how popular this game is on these boards as most people here seem to think football is played with helmets and weird shaped balls, but I'm interested in getting together with any CAGs here who appreciate the beautiful game. I ventured online for the first time the other night with...
  4. kamiza

    Buzz: Quiz Tv: Includes Wireless Buzzers / PS3 - £14.99

    Link says that the item is deleted. Shame, I was hoping this would be something that I could convince the wife to play.
  5. kamiza

    First ever game that you beat

    The first two I can think of where on the Commodore 64. They were Commando and the original Ghost Busters game.
  6. kamiza

    Michael Jackson - Moonwalker

    Does anyone else remember this game? It just popped into my head this morning following the sad news:
  7. kamiza

    PS3 FIFA 09 Duo-Hedgeidecimal Trophy Help

    I would like to try it at some point. Feel free to contact me about setting it up.
  8. kamiza

    Killzone 2 - Gen. Discussion & Info

    If anyone is interested, I've posted a review of the Flash and Thunder DLC pack on my blog:
  9. kamiza

    Killzone 2 - Gen. Discussion & Info

    I got them yesterday. I've had a couple of matches on Beach Head and thought it was awesome. Likewise, feel free to add me for matches on the new map.
  10. kamiza

    What's in the PS Store (5/31/16): Neon Chrome, Oxenfree, Primal, There Came an Echo, Plague Inc, & More!

    It is. I have a couple of minor gripes, but on the whole it's great.
  11. kamiza


    I was wondering if anyone else has checked out the new music vid streaming service that was available in the latest PSN update for the UK? I have to say, despite a few $$$$ly complaints, I thought it was really quite good. Complaints are - imcompatible with Sony Remote Control. No widescreen...
  12. kamiza

    UFC 2009 Undisputed

    I've still not picked up the full game yet, but I regularly play the demo and I was wondering what your fastest knockout was. I couldn't believe it last night when I got the KO with Chuck over Shogun with literally the first punch thrown. We touched gloves stepped back, side-stepped and a...
  13. kamiza

    Killzone 2 - Gen. Discussion & Info

    I know what you mean about airbots. I was in Radec on the ISA side at the back of the corridor that leads from the spawn area onto the square and I got killed by an airbot in a couple of shots. It was a ridiculous angle. Still, at least it makes it easier for me to get the airbot badge now.
  14. kamiza

    Killzone 2 - Gen. Discussion & Info

    What does everyone think about the new patch removing Spawn Point invulnerability? At first I was quite dissapointed, but now I see it's starting to force players into more tactical play. Positioning of spawn grenades has to be thought out. Team work is essential - people need to protect the...
  15. kamiza

    Killzone 2 - Gen. Discussion & Info

    If they do a deal for all four maps, I'll probably pick them up. The Beachead was my favourite map from KZ1, although I never played it online. The new versions look nothing like the originals, which were quite bright. They look like they've just completely redesigned them from top to bottom...
  16. kamiza

    UFC 2009 Undisputed

    We also get two fighters. I've put details, as well as my detailed thoughts on the game in my new blog (link in sig)
  17. kamiza

    UFC 2009 Undisputed

    I was wondering how many of you have checked out the demo of this game. I picked it up a few days ago and I've been blown away by it. The control scheme seems really indepth but easy to get into. The graphics are great and the gameplay looks really slick. I love the fact that you can get...
  18. kamiza

    PS2 -> PS3 Controller adapter

    I've seen a couple of these devices on eBay that say they will allow you to use any PS2 controlller on the PS3. My question is this. Has anyone tried these/had any problems with them? I thinking about getting one specifically for my PS2 wireless guitar.
  19. kamiza

    UK Cags

    Yep, forums are the same.
  20. kamiza

    UK Cags

    I was wondering how many UK PS3 Cags there are on here. Would be nice to hook up for a game or two: My details: PNS: kamiza989 Games: Killzone 2, Street Fighter IV, FIFA09
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