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  1. Wolfpup

    Free Clash of the Monsters for XBox One

    that video of invisible man versus invisible man is making me LOL What the hell is this?!?  It's on Steam too Like for FREE it actually looks good and has good music. this.
  2. Wolfpup claims this account was on the Dark Web...

    Soooo I just saw an ad during the Olympics to scan yourself on Experian to see if your info was on the "dark web".  It actually only scans for your email address, which seems...I'm not sure how useful that is? But anyway, it was painless at least. Supposedly my Cheapassgamer account was...
  3. Wolfpup

    Limited Run Games - "You're Limited, No You're Limited" Discussion Thread

    Are River City Melee or Double Dragon 4 actually any good? I was looking for reviews for Melee, and all I can find are about "River City Melee Battle Royale" or something, which  appears to just be a bunch of minigames?  Hmmmm....  
  4. Wolfpup

    Free for PC/STEAM The WORST X-com Game ( X-com Declassified) on Humble Bundle!

    This is still in my backlog for both consoles and Windows, and I'm still pretty excited to try it! Reviews are fairly mixed...I mean IGN gave it a 55, but it's got some positive reviews too, and whatever, I like the idea at the least. (Although I'd probably like the same sort of...
  5. Wolfpup

    Amazon 20% off Pre-Order and New Release Games

    EDIT: Okay, I just bought a bunch of games through Best Buy with that $30 plan...  Doesn't have language anymore about needing to activate it in-store, so hopefully that part's changed.  Saved me probably $80 over Amazon, AND technically adds to my "points" on best buy or whatever. Okay, I...
  6. Wolfpup

    Walmart $329 White X1 Gears of War 500gb Bundle

    Ah man. I'd love a white one, the price is solid, but I really want to wait for the inevitable die shrink before I buy another... And hopefully they'll make the hard drive user replaceable too...
  7. Wolfpup

    Toys "R" Us - Game Salvage Pricing Glitch(es)

    Whoa. Epic indeed lol I still haven't played ANY of those, nor Batman, but looking forward to all of them. Paid full price for Vita Batman, which I really don't regret, and not full price for those other three, but a lot closer to it than 2¢ lol
  8. Wolfpup

    Epic Mickey 2 Wii U $5.36, Mickey Power of Illusion 3ds $5.36, Mario party 3DS $19.96

    I liked it quite a bit. I thought Epic Mickey 1 was TERRIBLE, own but haven't played 2, but the 3DS game has nothing to do with them (more or less) and I thought was pretty solid. It's not a "can't miss" but it's pretty good, and wasn't obnoxiously hard.
  9. Wolfpup

    (PS3) Silent Hill HD collection $21.10 on

    That is ASTONISHING. They completely butchered every single piece of it. Clearly the company that did it is either incompetent, or wasn't given the time and/or budget to do it right. The PS2 original looks and sounds WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY better. Like IT looks like the enhanced...
  10. Wolfpup

    Has Microsoft screwed up with Directinput/Xinput?

    Thanks!  No I was just pretty much wondering, but it sounds like Xinput DOES cover other controllers, not just the 360 pad.  Sounds like Dead Rising 2 specifically is screwed up only supporting 360 pads, but really the API should support anything that makes itself compatible.  And that's...
  11. Wolfpup

    Ati or nvidia ?

    That is freaking me out that I know by 9750 of course you mean a recent card, but I first thought back to the 9700 series from like what, over TEN YEARS AGO? It's so funny the numbers have lapped themselves :lol:
  12. Wolfpup

    Ati or nvidia ?

    My primary PC is a notebook, so it's even less of a choice than with desktops...Nvidia.  AMD makes great hardware too, but their drivers have always been sub par.  I don't understand why it's okay to  say that now (when they're actually probably less sub-par than they have been) but it wasn't...
  13. Wolfpup

    Has Microsoft screwed up with Directinput/Xinput?

    In researching my problems with Dead Rising 2, I've stumbled across some other issues that I'm not having, but seem to point to a weird problem Microsoft may have created with Windows controller support... So Windows still has, and used to primarily use "DirectInput", part of DirectX, for...
  14. Wolfpup

    Dead Rising 2 stability?

    Yeah, there's some issues as they're doing the transition from GFWL to Steamworks, like they pushed several patches yesterday and there are more to's almost like a new game launch. But they seem to be on top of that. I definitely wouldn't call it runs really well. The only...
  15. Wolfpup

    Dead Rising 2 stability?

    ARGH.  Now the game's been patched for Steamworks, so I've lost my save files anyway :-/ There's an import menu tool option, but it doesn't actually do anything.  Hurray!  Man, this would be so awesome on Vita...
  16. Wolfpup

    Dead Rising 2 stability?

    I'm curious if anyone's played either version of Dead Rising 2 for PC and whether you had stability issues. I'm on a notebook with Optimus, BUT I can actually disable it, and maybe I should... I played through off the record on PS3, which I loved, and which was 100% stable.  I'm playing...
  17. Wolfpup

    Best Buy - Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon 3DS $32.99 ($26.39 w/ GCU)

    I sure hope I love it too. (Bought it at launch, but in the backlog.) I LOVE the original. It's like maybe 10% Mario game, 40% Ghostbusters, and 50% Resident Evil.
  18. Wolfpup

    Ps4 + knack = $350 @ SAMs Club

    I haven't played Infamous 3 yet (just bought it though!) but Knack is really good. Most of the reviews are really inane, criticizing things that apply to any game. It's fun, it looks great, there's some real variety to it, plays well, and surprisingly the story is actually good too. It's a...
  19. Wolfpup

    Square-Enix product registrations?

    I've been avoiding those product registration cards in Square games for years.  I randomly decided to actually register the new game I'm starting (Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep), and...I can't register it.  They give two formats that the code can be in, and neither remotely fits what my code...
  20. Wolfpup

    LEGO Movie & LEGO Marvel Super Heroes $19.99 each for PS4/XB1/all consoles at Amazon

    I'm a huge Marvel fan and I love Legos, and even still I found Lego Marvel near mind-numbingly dull...and that was the PS4 version :-/ To me they don't take advantage of the "Lego" aspect, and simultaneously aren't very fun fighting games. Having to restart a big chunk of a level several times...
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