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  1. KraznRazn

    PixelJunk Eden, Monsters, and Shooter (PC-Steam) 5x Bundle Giveaway from CAG

    I loved Eden on the PS3. I've moved on to the PC so it's great these games are on Steam!
  2. KraznRazn

    New Pinball Hall of Fame collection coming to iOS (and Android and other platforms)

    Pinball games are one of the greatest things about the iPad. I always look forward to a new one. I was really enjoying War Pinball most recent.
  3. KraznRazn

    Anybody else pick up minecraft for ipad yet?

    I've heard so much about the PC version and would love to check that out on the iPad. Playing too much other stuff at the moment. I'll wait until the iPad version catches up to the PC. I really wish they would release a controler for the iPad though.
  4. KraznRazn

    iPod Touch\iPhone\iPad -- Ongoing App Sales

    I loved playing UNO with my family as a kid. Thanks for posting the UNO sale info. Got it for .99 cents and it is great!
  5. KraznRazn Pre-Owned Box & Manual Guarantee - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    I like to pick up older games on the cheap. Two I can think of are Batman: Arkham Asylum and Fallout 3.
  6. KraznRazn

    No Cagcast week of 7/31

    Thanks for the announcement. Hope Cheapy gets well soon!
  7. KraznRazn

    It's Me, Wombat on the Xbox Gamer Spotlight

    Cool interview. Also wanted to thank Wombat for mentioning the Comedy Death-Ray Radio podcast. I've been enjoying that one very much. Always love the CAG Cast.
  8. KraznRazn

    CAGcast #162: Motion Sickness - An E3 2009 Wrap Up Show

    It's obvious that Cheapy was very happy about his *weed smoking experience*. I'm curious if Mr. D will use his wealth and power to help legalize marajuana all around the world. What say you Cheapy D?
  9. KraznRazn

    Amazon XBLA Deals: Undertow $5

    Doom for 3 bucks is great! I already have the others. Thanks for the post.
  10. KraznRazn

    CAG Fund for Child's Play 2008 Raffle - $32,667 Raised! - Winners Posted!

    I'm from southwest Florida as well. I was glad to give to such a worthy cause, but the winning is nice too. I'm not much of a forum poster, but I think this site and podcast are great! Thanks to everyone who makes the site what it is and to Cheapy D and Wombat for an amazing podcast!!
  11. KraznRazn

    Poll: How many CAGs have had a broken 360?

    I bought mine a year ago from January. It broke during the Halo 3 beta. I bought an Elite while it was off for repair. I got the first one back and sold it to a friend. It died the next day. My Elite is still going. The 360 has the best games, but I believe the poll standings. I'm...
  12. KraznRazn

    Contest (CAGcast #102) Win an HDTV, 1 Year of Old Spice, and Mad Catz Xbox 360 Pack! I think it’s sad that they charge for things already on the disk. They would be better off from a PR stantpoint of just making it “downloadable content” or even better, including it on day one. When it’s...
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