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  1. TC

    Zelda BotW Switch

    Looking for a deal around $45 if it's out there over the next couple days.
  2. TC

    Just Cause 3

    Have both consoles so no preference. Regular or XL version. Digital or disc. I'm not picky just looking for a cheapass price.
  3. TC

    PSN Weekly Deals - 6/27: Huge Mid Year Sale & Sonic Sales! Too many deals for CAG to handle!

    Can't believe I screwed up and missed the Just Cause 3 deals again. First on Xbox now on PS4! I know it's probably not the best but for $20 I'd love to have it.
  4. TC

    Halo 5 10/27 and MCC Thread

    I'm thinking it will have the largest player falloff in Halo history as well.
  5. TC

    Fallout 4 Megathread (Xbox One)

    My most anticipated game of the year for sure!
  6. TC

    Halo 5 10/27 and MCC Thread

    My friends and I we saying Warzone is BTB without fun weapons, awesome vehicles and fun. Super disappointing since BTB was the reason I played Halo multiplayer.
  7. TC

    Help Vets & Rescue Dogs

    Well we took third place and won $100,000! Pulled off a frigging miracle the last day! Thanks to all from CAG who threw us a vote.
  8. TC

    Help Vets & Rescue Dogs

    We're now down by 377 votes. CAG could make the difference! Vote and share please. I've been a CAG member for 9 years so please help a fellow CAG out.
  9. TC

    Help Vets & Rescue Dogs

    Thanks! Last day to vote.. only down 1200 votes!
  10. TC

    Help Vets & Rescue Dogs

    I work for an awesome charity called Stiggy's Dogs. Well, i'm asking you take 60 seconds out of your day and vote for us in a contest.. We are close to 3rd place, for a $100,000 prize. We are a very small charity going against some very large organizations. This...
  11. TC

    NHL 2012-2013 Season- Let's do this. Games start January 19

    The Wings are giving the Hawks something to think about.
  12. TC

    NHL 2012-2013 Season- Let's do this. Games start January 19

    NHL Center Ice sucks! Three games tonight and all three blacked out in my market. I knew the Wings would be but this is some bullshit. Won't be getting it next year.
  13. TC

    The MST3K, Rifftrax, Cinematic Titanic thread.

    My dog is named Servo!
  14. TC

    Xbox One on the way. DRM removed, more details to come.

    Yeah at least this gen I could purchase a console without Kinect. Next I'll be paying for some shit I don't want.
  15. TC

    Smartphone Thread

    Went from DroidX on VZW to unlocked Galaxy Nexus on Straight Talk. $47 per month, no contract & no waiting for updates.
  16. TC

    Halo 4 out November 6th!!

    I've done everything you can think of including deleting/re-downloading my profile to deleting everything Halo 4 related off my HD then clearing the cache and retrying. You name it and I've tried it. There are a few thousand of us out there that are completely fucked...
  17. TC

    Halo 4 out November 6th!!

    I'm stuck in the dreaded cannot connect to Halo 4 servers for the last two days. It has to be a profile related problem as I've done everything thinkable to fix it and many others are having the exact same issue. The worst part of the problem is it isn't even acknowledged by the people running...
  18. TC

    Have you ever not tipped?

    The server starts at 15%. I go higher or lower depending upon the level of service.
  19. TC

    Verizon to kill off unlimited data plans for existing customers

    I'm also using ST. Sure it's not truly unlimited but I'm under 2GB every month so for me it's been a perfect. Like you said it's way cheaper, works pretty much everywhere, and can leave any time without penalty.
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