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  1. Ratmonkey

    Target Clearance Thread XXIV

    Oh trust me, I know. Even though we live together, we keep money separate. I pay everything with cc. The ease of using my chase card and immediately transferring the money from my checking. The increased credit score and free money makes it almost impossible for a cheap ass not to
  2. Ratmonkey

    Target Clearance Thread XXIV

    My girlfriend is very anti credit card. She's 23 and I think it's from watching how her friends have gotten into trouble with credit cards. I've tried to tell her the virtues of cash backs and bonuses but she is a hard no.
  3. Ratmonkey

    The Gamestop Thread

    Wow..Been away for a bit. Somebody really likes to stereotype. Tell me more what you think about "those people".
  4. Ratmonkey

    Xbox One S 500GB w/2 controllers $199 at Costco (possible YMMV)

    I belive this deal has been going on for a while. I bought one back in May for 230 shipped (non Costco membership+tax+shipping). Not sure if the link will work but here is the Slickdeals link:
  5. Ratmonkey

    Target Clearance Thread XXIII

    ^If you can't stand the heat.... time to die. I read that in the honest trailers guy voice in my head. It made me giggle.
  6. Ratmonkey

    The Gamestop Thread

  7. Ratmonkey

    Target Clearance Thread XXII

  8. Ratmonkey

    Best Buy Ad 9/9-9/15

    Wait... I thought there was no sales BECAUSE of gcu. No wait, it was no sales because they lowered the price of gcu. No, no, no, it was no sales because they put gcu on sale with a 5 dollar phone purchase. No, wait....
  9. Ratmonkey

    3 $.99 games on the US eshop 80, 88 and 90% off

    So... The ones that are listed here.
  10. Ratmonkey

    Target Cartwheel August 26th to September 1st: Call of Duty Black Ops 4

    Pepsiman's dad sued and got it removed.
  11. Ratmonkey

    Microsoft Rewards Breakdown

    If you search while pooping at work though....
  12. Ratmonkey

    Target Clearance Thread XXII

    WOAH, WOAH WOAH....Cowboy!! You're not going to spoon-feed me brickseek links with pictures included? Hard pass on your so called deal then.
  13. Ratmonkey

    C64 mini preorders!

    Wow, I don't think I've ever read an article that discribed these threads so accurately. Nes mini Snes mini C64 mini
  14. Ratmonkey

    Walmart YMMV In Store Clearance Thread I (READ THE FAQs)

    Dude, I have to ask. What is the story behind the 12 cent cherries? Did she swap a upc? Was it a mismarked single apple? What is the deal with the cherries?
  15. Ratmonkey

    Best Buy Ad 7/8-7/14

    This is not true. I was at my local Kmart a couple weeks ago and saw..... oh fuck
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