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    GOG Deals Thread

    Does anyone have the full Might and Magic bundle that's currently up that is willing to sell me a couple of the items from the bundle for the 75% off? Will pay in paypal in advance + have some extra steam codes if you're interested in any of them Please PM if you're interested although i'll...
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    [FINISHED] Cheap Ass Gamer $10,000+ GameStop Gift Card Giveaway

    thats a lot of space bucks cool contest either way
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    XBLA - Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix Gen. Discussion

    the 5 chain one happened for me from just regular playing(guess that's just my style) I had to go out of my way on the first level(since it's the slowest + easiest level) to setup the 7 chain one(total pain btw)
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    XBLA - Puzzle Fighter II HD Remix Gen. Discussion

    I had a blast with it when it came out. I spent about 2 weeks before I "puzzle fightered" myself out of pretty much nonstop playing 3 hours a day. It's still fun but last time I checked the online was pretty much barren(like most games) and I was lucky to find a match in about ~20...
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    Official Coffin Support Group - Is your 360 Dead? Post Here.

    I had my first graphics glitch during COD4 earlier today. The graphics were all messed up and whatnot. I turned off the system and then powered it back on but I get no video input on my TV. I can hear myself logging into the dashboard but there's nothing on my screen. I've checked the cables...
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