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  1. yellowaznboy

    2013 MLB Discussion

    A heads up: T-Mobile customers can download the MLB At Bat app for free ($20 value) right now: Now, I can actually listen to games using the app since the Lite version...
  2. yellowaznboy

    X-MEN First Class (June 3, 2011) - Reviews are a Homerun hit with Critics (Score 88%)

    There was also a boy with sunglasses during the Cerebro scene.
  3. yellowaznboy

    Post College Investing

    I am just starting to think about my future at the tender age of 25 and I have a few questions about retirement plans. A little background: Our non-profit organization just switched over from a 403b retirement plan to a 401k plan. With the 403b, they just put money into a retirement account...
  4. yellowaznboy

    Free Credit Reports
  5. yellowaznboy

    MLB 2010 Discussion Thread

    I knew I had heard Phil Cuzzi's name before. That's because he blew a call in a playoff game last year between the Yankees and the Twins:;_ylt=ApnRbdg5iybKS4KLLE2GJxOrO4d4?urn=mlb,195187 Start...
  6. yellowaznboy

    PARANORMAL ACTIVITY - Get the word out!

    Even though he was an ass for most of the film, at the very end Funny parody of PA:
  7. yellowaznboy Pre-Owned Box & Manual Guarantee - WINNERS ANNOUNCED

    Professor Layton, New Super Mario Bros., and Twilight Princess.
  8. yellowaznboy

    I'm buying a new laptop, but I need YOUR help! has 8.2% Live cashback. So, $750 - 8.2% = $688.50 + $2 shipping = $690.50 shipped for the Gateway. Just search "computer desktop" at to get a link.
  9. yellowaznboy

    I'm buying a new laptop, but I need YOUR help!

    My Asus looks brand new (came with original box, software, and documents) and functions perfectly so far. Pretty awesome notebook for about $700 (California tax + stupid monitor fee) if you go the same route I did. As for the design of the case, it's not that bad. I hardly even see it since...
  10. yellowaznboy

    I'm buying a new laptop, but I need YOUR help!

    I just bought this same notebook off of eBay for $730 BIN - 14% cashback = $627.8 + tax with free shipping. Here is the auction...
  11. yellowaznboy

    Anybody know of a good site with netbook reviews and/or if I should wait on buying?

    Deal has expired:
  12. yellowaznboy

    Escape From City 17 - Part One Looks promising.
  13. yellowaznboy

    Phantasy Star Zero Announced for DS

    PS0 coming to North America and Europe winter 2009: PS0 coming to North America and Europe fall 2009:
  14. yellowaznboy

    Phantasy Star Zero Announced for DS

    I have been playing the import. The game is really fun, and is basically a portable version of Phantasy Star Online. Mini-review: The online mode is pretty decent. There is no server that you connect to like in previous PSO games. Instead, you can have the game randomly set you up with a...
  15. yellowaznboy

    Distant Worlds (music from Final Fantasy) 2009 Tour

    I just received this e-mail from SE: Here's the schedule and ticket information: I may go to the San Francisco concert!
  16. yellowaznboy

    Does anyone think this would make a good movie?

    There is already a documentary worth watching about Vincent Chin:
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