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  1. AlphaPanda

    free Xbox live 3 day trial

    Ugh, it doesn't seem to work anymore. Extremely inconvenient, as my Xbox Live just ran out. Ah well. Thanks anyway!
  2. AlphaPanda

    expert zone titanfall beta

    Can't seem to find the course for Titanfall that gives you the beta code, grr. I completed the "Titanfall Mission 1 Course", which I'd assume would be the one, and completed the quiz but didn't receive any kind of notice about getting a beta code, just received the points for completing the...
  3. AlphaPanda

    One sweet Valentine's day Destiny giveaway!

    I'll be spending it at work at a trampoline park, watching others hold hands and enjoy the moment while I yell at them for breaking the rules I've had to re-explain 300 times. All in all, it'll be a good day! Xbox 360, please! Love you!
  4. AlphaPanda

    Free Portal 2 / Fifa 13/ Plants Zombies / Bejeweled 3 / SimCity 4 for middle school kids.

    How long did it take you to complete it? Any tricks to getting by the whole thing faster or do you have the advantage of coding knowledge?
  5. AlphaPanda

    Infinite Crisis Joker Costume Code (See post)

    Trying to enter the code resulted in an invalid, so I guess it was taken by a lurker. Ah well. Thanks for posting!
  6. AlphaPanda

    Win 5 Call of Duty Games!

    PC! Steam name: Mike (BingBong) Thank you! Good luck with your game! Looks awesome, like Ace Of Spades meets Sanctum.
  7. AlphaPanda

    Giving away Dead Island GOTY for Steam....Winner Selected.

    My favorite game of all time is Streets of Rage for the ol' Sega Genesis. Lot of friendship-bonding playing the co-op on that one back in the day.
  8. AlphaPanda

    StemLottery - Could win Bioshock:Infinite or Metro:Last Light

    Doesn't this technically count as a referral link, considering clicking that gives omgitsjg an extra ticket? Just go to for the non-referral.
  9. AlphaPanda

    win an iBUYPOWER Gaming PC

    I hate that you have to "Like" 8 different company pages just to enter the contest. Edit: Forgot to say thanks, OP. Didn't mean to just whine! Thank you!
  10. AlphaPanda

    Steam Code Drop ~ NO BEGGING! NO TRADING!

    It wasn't used, surprisingly! Thank you very much.
  11. AlphaPanda

    Steam Code Drop ~ NO BEGGING! NO TRADING!

    Seriously? Don't beg, makes you look pathetic.
  12. AlphaPanda

    Urgent Fury is Giving Away 2,000 God of War Ascension MP Beta Keys

    I'm apparently missing something or did something wrong.
  13. AlphaPanda

    Urgent Fury is Giving Away 2,000 God of War Ascension MP Beta Keys

    After I made an account, I went to the page and clicked "Click here to claim your code", which brought me to a page that said "Click here and follow instructions", which I did...and it just refreshed the same page. It mentioned an email, but I haven't received any email with a code. Hmph.
  14. AlphaPanda

    Primal Carnage Steam Giveaway

    I'm in! Thanks, OP.
  15. AlphaPanda

    Metro 2033 steam key giveaway

    I'm in! Thank you.
  16. AlphaPanda

    win a game of your choice! last chance! closing Sunday!

    Sounds good! Thank you very much.
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