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  1. volcombrandon

    Game Podunk Mega Giveaway - The Last of Us

    Thanks for the great giveaway! this game looks very awesome and i've been waiting for it to release for quite some time now. Hopefully i can maybe win it from you awesome folks! goodluck everyone
  2. volcombrandon

    Giving away copy of Blood Dragon (PC)

    Thanks for the chance to win! subbed liked and commented from volcomBD
  3. volcombrandon

    What's your favorite game of 2012. Giving away a 400 MSP Code end of January

    My Favorite game of 2012 would have to be The Walking Dead by Telltale Games it blew me away! I bought it thinking eh i don't know if i'll like it or not. But after the First episode i was hooked i couldn't wait for the next episode's to come out! The game even made me a little emotional at the...
  4. volcombrandon

    $60 Riot Point Giveaway

    thank you! entered hoping to win!!
  5. volcombrandon

    Win a Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 Console Bundle from CAG - LoganDX Wins!

    The link doesn't work for me but if we have to post here i'd really love to win. Just as much as anyone else would :) thanks for the chance
  6. volcombrandon

    I'll gift Dota 2 to the first 6 people who post with their steam id.
  7. volcombrandon

    Call of Duty Black Ops II Harden Edition Giveaway And MORE!

    great giveaway as always! entered :)
  8. volcombrandon

    Shameless Twitter Boosting: I'm Giving Away A Stack of Games (ENDED)

    Well ive been following from @volcombrandon and haven't won anything yet, but maybe that means you saved the best for last :P Assassins creed is the one i was so excited about the whole time :) goodluck all.
  9. volcombrandon

    Game Captur Card Giveaway

    great giveaway just entered. Halo 4 would be awesome :)
  10. volcombrandon

    Win a game of your choice from winreview! [EU and US!]

    Thanks for the chance to win! did all of the above great contest goodluck all :)
  11. volcombrandon

    *UPDATE* Black Ops 2,Kinect,Custom Controllers,PSN/Amazon Card,Or Paypal+More

    entered and retweeted thanks man! @volcombrandon
  12. volcombrandon

    Halo 4 contest ~ AvatarHunter ~Winner posted

    Awesome contest man! hoping to win something *fingers crossed* thanks for giving us the chance to win :)
  13. volcombrandon

    Shameless Twitter Boosting: I'm Giving Away A Stack of Games (ENDED)

    Cool thanks for the chance man! Following from @volcombrandon
  14. volcombrandon

    3 Medal of Honor Warfighter copies to giveaway

    Thanks for the chance! Commented :)
  15. volcombrandon

    Podcast Contest: Giving away Black Ops 2, Medal of Honor or Dark Knight Trilogy

    Thanks for the contest! Liked and shared as Brandon John :)
  16. volcombrandon

    Win a 1,600 Microsoft Points Card!

    Thanks for the chance :) registered.
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