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    CAGcast #480: Needs More Smurfberries

    When I go to a retail store and see HALF an aisle or less dedicated to WiiU games, that tells me enough. The console is 4 years old and its basically less viable than buying an Xbox 360 or PS3 at this point. I havent seen new consoles on sale in 2 months when I shop either....Nintendo doesnt care.
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    CAGcast #480: Needs More Smurfberries

    Why do people continue to defend Nintendo? They have lost money by failing to do things wisely and yet people will continuously act outraged when others talk down on Nintendo products. What if I dont like 800 variations on Mario? The talk of Nintendo exclusives being so great in utter nonsense...
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    CAGcast #480: Needs More Smurfberries

    The fact that Shipwreck is so dam angry at Wombat is funny. I enjoy the Nintendo games greatly, but having a Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 meant I bought 3rd party titles there. This also meant I turned down buying a Wii U simply because I didnt want a console with a tiny library that collected...
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    CAGcast #461: Press A to Horse

    I love the movie talk...the way you slammed Dawn of Justice and Suicide Squad is absolutely hilarious. I admit that these movies arent well done at all, but you guys talk about them like they are on par with the last Indiana Jones movie. Cheapys love for depressing documentaries...Wombats...
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    CAGcast #438: Nobody Beats the Ms.

    I want to help the Cagcast. Instead of having Wombat look up meanings, syllables, pronunciations of words and abbreviations, I say just go to Urban Dictionary and look everything up there and you have instant closure. You're Welcome
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    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    Are we getting to a point where games are just going to be released in an incomplete state? Halo Matchmaking, Drive Club, Assassins Creed framerate issues.......It just never stops anymore? There should be a disclaimer for consumers stating that if a game does not deliver what it says is...
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    CAGcast #386: Call of Doody: Advanced Podcasting

    Two things The original Xbox had better graphics than its PS2 counterpart.........who did better? (PS2)..... The original Xbox also kickstarted console gaming online in a big way which carried over to the Xbox360 and helped them compete in a bigger way for the last generation. Today, I own a...
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    Newegg Xbox 360 250G Holiday Bundle (old one) + $40 Xbox live codes $199

    thats funny, It was there this morning.....I guess they removed it
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    Newegg Xbox 360 250G Holiday Bundle (old one) + $40 Xbox live codes $199 250 Gig Xbox 360 with Tomb Raider and Halo 4 $199. Not a bad deal if you need a system.
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    CAGcast #347: How to Avoid Back Pain and Disgust People

    Cheapy, I'm not trying to tell you how you think but while I understand the Forza anger with the Micro/macro transactions, didn't you buy a bunch of shit for the NHL Ultimate Team mode? Those cards seem like a giant waste as money as well to me. Where is the Cheapy line on these transactions?
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    CAGcast #346: Forza No Moreza

    Can anyone tell me a significant difference between the 2 consoles for online play as far as how well the games play? My assumptions will be that the Xbox will play better online and the PS4 will have better graphics and I will buy my games based on that. I own the Xbox and think that the...
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    Microsoft Store: Xbox 360 Many $10 Games and Other Sales!

    youre right.....and I look over at the 8 games I bought during that sale, In which 7 are still unopened
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    My PS4 Came DOA

    reading various Sony slanted forums and the anger on there, I believe every word you said. The other thing I find strange is that people with the HDMI troubles seem happy if they can do a little trick to then get their system to work. WHY THE HELL ARE THESE BRICKED OUT OF THE BOX?  I would be...
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    CAGcast #344: Outroar!

    I know you will mention the amount of PS4 failures in the next Cagcast. Please do everyone a favor and be extra happy sounding for all the people that call you Microsoft shills. On a serious note, the PS4 launch seems terrible with the amount of hardware failures and bad customer support (Based...
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    Obama Care Could Be Deadly

    Just throwing this in there.........the cost will also rise and be tied to supply and demand for medical care. More people requesting care.....less doctors to provide the care and higher costs because of this. The American Government is too bloated to run anything effectively (See anything)...
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    Cheapy D and his Xbox love

    You know whats funny......this need for everyone to have others accept and be totally in line with their ideals or else the anger shows up. If you ever listen to the three talk, there is PLENTY of criticism for all the consoles so stop making up shit so you can cry about it.
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    CAGcast #342: is Not PS4 Compatible

    I cant talk about the past in regards to a company and the now regarding this console launch?  Oh I see, I have to play the fanboy game. Go ahead and attack boys, its ok. I won't bother fanning the flames anymore as it just spreads the spores of the fanboy cult all over. Now I'm going to kill...
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