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    Biggest CAG Shopping News 2010

    Kmart stepping up with the deals.
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    [Dead] Bayonetta (360/PS3) $9.98 with free shipping at Amazon

    Crazy deal for $10. This game is totally worth it.
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    Aksys Games "Deal With It" Sale /w Free Shipping

    Deathsmiles isn't that difficult for a CAVE shooter. You can clearly see your hit box on your character (indicated as a large heart) and you can choose the difficulty of each level (1, 2, 3 and 999 in black label mode). It's a lot more manageable than CAVE's other shooters like Mushihimesama...
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    GameFly September 2010 Used Game Sale - Under $20 Blowout

    Sin & Punishment for $20?! Hot damn.
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    CAGcast #213: The 2010 Tokyo Game Show Show

    Bocce Ball is in Sports Champions? Weird.
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    8/2 - 8/10: Mad Catz Tougeki Promo - 20-30% FightSticks + $100 F/S Round 2 TE!

    A Round 2 for $100 is great a deal. If I didn't already have a round 1 TE I would jump on it.
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    Bestbuy ad 06/13-06/19

    Sonic Racing for $30? Thanks OP. Finally a reason to use my gift card.
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    CAG Halo Reach Early Beta Code Give Away!

    Beta codes? Yes please.
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    Best Online Deal 2009

    Amazon's Black Friday sale for sure. They matched basically every deal being offered.
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