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  1. blakhawkjohn

    Skyrim: Collector's Edition

    NP Let me know how you make out if you are able. Thx
  2. blakhawkjohn

    Skyrim: Collector's Edition

    There were a couple used copies K3.The blue shirt said something about there being new and used copies trickling in almost every day. Then he said they don't register in the system unless there is more than 2 or3. Don't how accurate that info is. When I got my new copy of K3 at BB in Battle...
  3. blakhawkjohn

    Skyrim: Collector's Edition

    I was at a best buy yesterday in Kalamazoo Mi. BB had a couple used, immaculate condition SKYRIM CE $105 and change. Not sure if some may be interested but....... I did pick up another Killzone3 CE $24.50.
  4. blakhawkjohn

    iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) / Mac App Stores -- Ongoing Sales

    Could someone pm me and tell me how to access to spreadsheet for the "how to cook". Codes. I've done it once before. But for the life of me, I can't remember. Thx so much
  5. blakhawkjohn

    Killzone 3 Helghast Edition $24.50 & Other Unadvertised Specials at Best Buy

    I was able to snag a copy for $15 and change after 2 rewardzone certificates. Box was sealed.
  6. blakhawkjohn

    iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) / Mac App Stores -- Ongoing Sales

    Congrats on your good fortune with Apple!
  7. blakhawkjohn

    iOS (iPhone, iPod, iPad) / Mac App Stores -- Ongoing Sales

    Tried a few of the codes. But already used. Oh well. Thx anyway everyone
  8. blakhawkjohn

    iPod Touch\iPhone\iPad -- Ongoing App Sales

    Thx dk. Almost bought it a couple days ago. But held out.
  9. blakhawkjohn

    Alien Anthology [Blu-ray] ONLY $47 shipped from Amazon UK

    Thx for the detailed explanation. Much appreciated
  10. blakhawkjohn

    (DEAD) Life (BBC version narrated by David Attenborough) Blu-ray $19.99 at

    Mine wasn't suppose to ship until 12/15. Got an email saying it would be longer yesterday. I've sent several emails since ordering in early Nov. Asking what the hold up is. Just keep getting told short supply. Weird that I can go into any B&N store and find several copies.
  11. blakhawkjohn

    Alien Anthology [Blu-ray] ONLY $47 shipped from Amazon UK

    I ordered "life" from amazon uk that I was told was region free and lo and behold it would not play in any of my region 1 players. I never could figure out where I made the mistake. Needless to say I'm leery ordering from amazon uk again. I'm sure it was my error but anyways.
  12. blakhawkjohn

    iPod Touch\iPhone\iPad -- Ongoing App Sales

    I use to love that game!!!
  13. blakhawkjohn

    iPod Touch\iPhone\iPad -- Ongoing App Sales

    No. I have tried on the iPad and iPhone and found both to be bordering on frustration
  14. blakhawkjohn - Need HDMI, Optical Audio, Component, or Other Cables, Get Them Here

    I have ordered in the past from Monoprice. I ordered 6- 6ft HDMI cables last night. Just can't beat $17+ shipping for the cables.
  15. blakhawkjohn

    The Official Criterion Deals and Discussion Thread

    I ordered Darjeeling, Thin Red Line, Bigger Than Life, Antichrist. I'll head to the b & m on Saturday tosee what else I can find. I don't really need anything else and yet I feel compelled to spend more.
  16. blakhawkjohn

    GOG Weekend Deal - Atari Games - up to 50% off

    Nice post cheapo. Thx
  17. blakhawkjohn

    iPhone and iPod Touch Games -- Ongoing Sales

    Everyone, would it be possible to mention the game that the post is in reference to? Your post may be able to help someone other than who the post was meant for. Thx
  18. blakhawkjohn

    Out of This World (Another World) 15th Anniversary $9.99

    I'm getting a page not found error when I try to download the game. Bummer
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