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  1. morphineseason

    Has anyone ordered from

    I used to order CDs from them all the time years ago, before the era of Amazon and the like. I'm sure they're probably under different ownership and stuff now, but never had any issues.
  2. morphineseason

    Best Buy DOTD-Mass Effect:Andromeda /Titanfall 2(PS4/XB1) $12.99/$10.39

    I still need to go back to it, but enjoyed what I played of it. I started playing just as they released the final patch, and for me at least, it seems like they fixed the technical issues it had at launch.
  3. morphineseason

    Best Buy Ad 2/18-2/24

    I just traded my copy into Best Buy for $19.74 a couple weeks ago (a little over $20 when you add in the GCU bonus). Play through it three times, do the ending battle a couple more times to see the other two main endings, buy all the trophies, and trade it in. Great game, but not much reason to...
  4. morphineseason

    Assassin's Creed Unity (X1) $0.69 via CDKeys

    Everyone who's just picking this up, make sure you grab the free DLC story add-on: Dead Kings DLC: It was originally planned as paid DLC for a season pass, I believe, but they made it free after all the Unity...
  5. morphineseason

    Nintendo eShop Deals - 6/14: E3 & WB Sales! $45 BotW, $10 Golf Story, $30 Mario + Rabbids, & More!

    Second this. Might as well get it cheaper for your phone or tablet since it’s touch screen only and was originally a PS Vita exclusive. It’s a great port on mobile.
  6. morphineseason

    Destiny 2 PS4, XBox One, PC $22.99 / $18.39 (GCU) at Best Buy

    Yes. Physical PC copy just has a cardboard disc in the disc tray of the case with a code on it. Redeemable on the Blizzard PC client. Seems pointless, but I was thankful this existed so I could take advantage of the GCU discount when I bought it at release.
  7. morphineseason

    Destiny 2 PS4, XBox One, PC $22.99 / $18.39 (GCU) at Best Buy

    This plus the expansion pass for 53.38 total seems like deal of year to me. While I agree with the poor reception of the end game, I also think you'll get so many hours of enjoyment out of it, especially if you're just coming into this franchise. I've put a lot of time into this game on Xbox and...
  8. morphineseason

    Bestbuy The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Overwatch Friday the 13th on sale

    If you don't have a pro, it should just run at 1080p and a smooth 30fps at least. I think the PS4 Pro enhanced mode got the worst end of the deal with TLG. Framerate was very choppy/stuttery unless you switched to 1080p
  9. morphineseason

    Bestbuy The Last Guardian, Uncharted 4: A Thief's End, Overwatch Friday the 13th on sale

    If you have PS4 pro, set your video output in system settings to 1080p to force 1080p mode. That makes the frame rate a lot more stable. Not sure if they ever added an in game option for this. I’d say it’s a great game to experience at least once, which might make it more of a rental. Very...
  10. morphineseason

    YMMV- Free SC II: Heart of the Swarm for SC II:WoL Owners

    FYI - they also send this to your notification center on the Blizzard/ Launcher PC client in case you don't want to bother with sifting through your e-mail.
  11. morphineseason

    Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

    Pretty sure they usually just make it so you can add the person within the game, or just have them do it through the friends list on the uPlay client, since Ubisoft games launch that thing anyways, even when they're purchased on Steam.
  12. morphineseason

    Assassins Creed Unity (XB1) $2.37 at

    I still really enjoyed and recommend this game and its DLC (which was made free after all the complaints about the base game). I played through almost everything and never really had any issue, other than maybe one or two lockups/crashes. I think they fixed most of the problems it had at launch...
  13. morphineseason

    Best Buy $10 Reward Certificates Pre-order Promo.

    Thanks, didn't think so. Guess I've never noticed that wording on the pre-order pickup email before. It's confusing because it makes it sound like you have the option to pick it up right now if you want. Exact wording is as follows: "You can pick up your order now or we will have it for you on...
  14. morphineseason

    Best Buy $10 Reward Certificates Pre-order Promo.

    Was anyone able to pick this up at the store yet today? I got an email saying it was ready and that I could pick it up now OR at the scheduled date (tomorrow's date). Not sure if it's even worth trying today since the servers probably aren't live yet.
  15. morphineseason

    XBL Deals - 2014 - 3/2015

    Agreed! I bought a like new copy of Titanfall for $23 on amazon in case I want to resell, and got the $6.25 season pass. Played it pretty much all weekend and leveled up to 21. It's probably the most fun I've had with any online shooter in recent memory. Seeing that COD is basically ripping off...
  16. morphineseason

    Titanfall for 10$ on Amazon (PC only)

    I've played both. Just picked it up for Xbox one off amazon for $23 used and grabbed the season pass for $6.25 with the live discount. Though it's technically an inferior version graphically, I don't notice much of a difference other than some occasional frame rate drop or screen tearing (it's...
  17. morphineseason

    $50 off any Xbox One console or bundle: 11/2/14 - 1/3/15

    Here's what Gamestop customer support chat says, for what it's worth: Not really sure if I should go through the hassle yet or not. I wonder what the chance of these SO bundles actually making it to store shelves and still being there on 11/2 is. Whatever. YOLO. Ordered it. Hopefully I'll get...
  18. morphineseason

    Targets Cartwheel app Deals Thread

    haha yeah it was the PS4 version, as I said. Should also work for the XBox One version as they're both $39.99 on Target's site and the coupon is good on both versions. The Cartwheel coupon is essentially a manufacturer's coupon, so you really shouldn't get hassled for trying to PM AND use the...
  19. morphineseason

    Targets Cartwheel app Deals Thread

    Just picked up Ghosts PS4 for $7.81 after price matching, using the 35% off Cartwheel coupon, and my $20 gift card :)
  20. morphineseason

    GameFly PC Download Deals 5/6 to 5/13 - Valve, Nordic, EA Sale

    Grabbed HL2 ep 1 and 2. Came to a little over $3 after using the 20% off. Thanks!
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