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  1. au7oma7ic

    GameStop Trade & Promos XXVII: Values available on the website and on Android/iOS app.

    At GS, when trading in a console, if I were to trade the 3ds for X1 and not new 3ds would I still be able to get the bonus 100 for trading towards new 3ds? I know the promo states FOR new 3ds, but I've traded in at bestbuy when it was one console for another specified console, and left with the...
  2. au7oma7ic

    RBK's Best Buy GCU Thread

    So no, hah
  3. au7oma7ic

    FS: AC Unity & AC Black Flag Digital XB1 - $45 (both)

    Want to trade for a yr of live for unity?
  4. au7oma7ic

    RBK's Best Buy GCU Thread

    I've got a year of live if you want to make a trade
  5. au7oma7ic

    1yr xbox live trade for your unity codes or paypal

    One year live for trade or sale. I will take digital game codes like halo mcc or assassins creed unity codes. Or you can buy with PayPal. $37
  6. au7oma7ic

    Have Mario Kart wiiU free game "thingy"

    As title says... I bought MK8 for wiiU.  I have all the free games.  I already redeemed the club ninty code, so I would simply email you the code for your game of choice. Pick between... NSMBwiiU Zelda Wind Waker Pikmin 3 Wii PartyU $15 seems to be the going rate for this.  So $15 Paypal...
  7. au7oma7ic

    NHL 14 $41.99 + FS PS3 or 360 @ Origin/EA Sports

    good find.  Wishing I bought this at 14.99 on ps+, what an idiot I am.
  8. au7oma7ic

    ROCKSMITH + ****closed beta @ ****

    Are the sub $200 guitar bundles at bestbuy really that bad?   I work at the stores, so picking a guitar up at Bestbuy is super convenient, however, if I can get a much better guitar between $100-$200 online, than I do'nt mind waiting.
  9. au7oma7ic

    Best Buy Trade-in 5.0 - see FAQ in OP!

    When does this 100$ for Xbox and 100% boost end?
  10. au7oma7ic

    Green Man Gaming (Steam) Deals: 25% Off Hitman

    Pretty awesome find on BF4. I was going to go BF4 on PS4, but as Nov 15 fast approaches, I realize the games I want to play (minus Knack), can be had on PC. Here's to hoping BF4 runs solidly on my 2gb GTX570!
  11. au7oma7ic

    AMZ: Trade $30, $30 off Dual Shock 4, Trade $20, $20 off Beyond:TS

    I want to trade in my PX5 headset...its in great/immaculate condition, only thing missing is the box and the manuals.   How important is that stuff to amazon?  Will those missing items bump it from good to acceptable? Thanks
  12. au7oma7ic

    20% Off of BF4(PC) Pre-Order at GreenManGaming

    Thanks for the share...but its not working for me either.  I copy and pasted and typed it lower and uppercase. Good luck to all
  13. au7oma7ic

    Best Buy Trade-in 4.0 - see new thread (5.0)!

    Not trying to be an annoying db, but I don't have a car to just waltz to Bestbuy and see if they are doing the 2 for 50 deal still, and since they eliminated the gaming dept associates don't known shit about the games.
  14. au7oma7ic

    Best Buy Trade-in 4.0 - see new thread (5.0)! the 2 for $50 still ongoing? Or is it directly linked to 50% boost and they did a nice job of marketing the values you get, meaning the ad is not correct since you won't get the $25 with some of the mentioned titles?
  15. au7oma7ic

    Best Buy Trade-in 4.0 - see new thread (5.0)!

    So the 2 for $50 still on?  Link is still active.
  16. au7oma7ic

    Mad Catz ECTV Sale! $80 FightSticks + Tons of Savings!

    That Sanrio stick is essentially the tournament stick with a different paint-job correct?
  17. au7oma7ic

    Mad Catz ECTV Sale! $80 FightSticks + Tons of Savings!

    I'm not into Sanrio style characters, but that stick looks too cool to pass up on. Great deal. Safe to say I picked this one up. That pink...
  18. au7oma7ic

    Best Buy [Unlocked] $20 RZ Cert. Pre-order Promo 2012

    dumb question...but if i preordered a 360 version and switched to ps3 the day of purchase, will I still receive the points? THanks guys
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