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  1. Storamin

    Best worst-date stories.

    i was waiting for tucker max. when it comes to this, he is the man.
  2. Storamin

    Help a girl out. Bloody Roar Extreme, Ninja Gaiden Black, more.

    not really surprised that the lappy died. i have the same one... same colour too, and it's a piece of junk.
  3. Storamin

    What the heck does this thing do(Wii related)

    as of right now neither of them can see shit. and that 'thing'... isn't that like a CMOS battery or something? go #48.
  4. Storamin

    Scientology has taken more than Tom Cruise... look at this list of famous members!

    bunch of idiots... but seeing as their idealogis make as much sense as any other religion who knows who cares.
  5. Storamin

    Rank the racing games....

    wouldn't bother with any of the ones out right now... but forza motorsport 2 is coming out in a few months which if it is anything like the first one will be the only good racer on the 360.
  6. Storamin

    TIME magazine deems PS3 a bust.

    this thread may now be locked.
  7. Storamin

    Whats the most credit hours you've taken in college?

    18 credits of upper level accounting and upper level information systems and working 20 hours a week for $7B rev chemical company in their finance department.
  8. Storamin

    TRU..not mad but not shocked....

    so basically the retail employees are complaining because you get treated like shit? hello... you work in retail. Your #1 and largest concern is to make the customer happy. You are the face of the company and when you do not act favorably you portray the company in a bad light and cost the...
  9. Storamin

    One thing in this painting...painter's insanity. Updated with "answer"

    now that does look like a painting by an insane person...
  10. Storamin

    Why the F--K did I waste my money?!

    so you're brother doesn't want to play with your wii? he's off in the corner playing with his wii all by himself... i'm so saddened by your story. cry some more...
  11. Storamin

    Need info on an information system. homework help

    One of the largest information systems is SAP. It is heavily used by manufacturering companies.
  12. Storamin

    Reckless driving charge

    well i was doing some highway pulls and got up to about 130 this evening... just throwing that out there so you can make fun of somebody else too because you're all upstanding citizens who obey the speed limit.
  13. Storamin

    Reckless driving charge

    don't cry a river over it and don't pansy out.. it's a friggen speed limit. the objective is to go to court and beat it. it doesn't matter if you're guilty or not, you just need to keep the points from hitting your record and killing your insurance for 5 years OR LONGER. that's straight cash out...
  14. Storamin

    what's the scoop on usb flash drives...

    sheesh what do you need 1g for... i've literally got 5 256 or 512 sitting around... just get them from different companies as freebies.
  15. Storamin

    Reckless driving charge

    i'm not surprised he didn't notice the speed difference... cars these days don't shake much at 100mph you are allowed to have the court date rescheduled, when you receive the ticket information in the mail it should tell you how to do that. probably have to call. go to court, and if the cop is...
  16. Storamin

    for anyone who gets a Wii

    So kriegs089 is indeed option 2... 2. a 12 year old who doesn't know what the hell is going on hah, wet his pants... lol
  17. Storamin

    Japanese PS3 ebay prices going way down below profitability

    I believe the japanese culture isn't typically up for putting their information online to purchase merchandise. They do not like sharing their bank account # or Credit Card # over the internet to purchase something online.
  18. Storamin

    Cheapy D?

    ^ that was good
  19. Storamin

    Every one friend me on myspace!!

    nothing says emo like myspace
  20. Storamin

    So I just found out a girl I knew from high school is a porn star

    this is why you don't drink before 9 oclock in the morning.
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