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  1. Squirms

    [FINISHED] Cheap Ass Gamer $10,000+ GameStop Gift Card Giveaway

    Oh Boy Free stuff. Hope I win
  2. Squirms

    Karaoke Contest Help- I need your vote

    Monday morning bump. Only a couple days left and I'm getting pounded. I know you guys can turn it around in a hurry.
  3. Squirms

    Karaoke Contest Help- I need your vote

    Sorry, no clips. Our radio stations aren't that advanced in the wasteland of Northwest Ohio
  4. Squirms

    Karaoke Contest Help- I need your vote

    Hello fellow cheapassians. I am hoping some of you could help me in an endeavor to win a Karaoke contest that is being held locally where I live. There is online voting on the radio sponsors website. Please vote for Jeremy Scott (that's me). It's a...
  5. Squirms

    Win a PS3 Slim & Watchmen Blu-ray From Goozex

    Goozex Name- Squirms
  6. Squirms

    Best movies of the 80s?

    Back to the Future is my favorite 80's movie, if not my favorite of all time. My Fiancee and I are even having an "Enchantment Under the Sea Dance" reception for our wedding.
  7. Squirms

    Win A Brand New Game! U.S.A Only. Contest Over!

    In for a chance. Nice site BTW.
  8. Squirms

    GameStop Buy 2, Get 1 Free Used Games (10/17-10/24) + $500 in Gift Cards Giveaway!

    I'm looking for some Singstar games. The girlfriend and I tried it at a friends, and we had a pretty fun time with it.
  9. Squirms

    Win an 80GB PS3 and LittleBigPlanet from Goozex and CAG

    Goozex Username= Squirms
  10. Squirms

    Guitar Hero 3 Bundle (Game + Guitar) $49.72 + .97 cents shipping

    They have the PS3 version for $69.83. Not as big of a deal, yet still a deal.
  11. Squirms

    Ohio CAGs...UNITE!

    Don't know where in Ohio you are, but I found this
  12. Squirms

    Ohio CAGs...UNITE!

    I found a Rock Band set with everything for $100 on the Toledo craigslist page. I would snatch it up, since it comes with everything, if it was a 360 deal.
  13. Squirms

    Airline rebates and other savings from Paypal.

    I was sent an e-mail from Paypal today with some deals for airfare and other items. $50 credit on airlines tickets for Southwest and NWA 10% off any order from Overstock over $100 Plus other stuff.
  14. Squirms

    Gran Turismo 5 Prologue - $5 off code at Amazon

    Here's my code. Not going to be needing it YY2W-6R4CRK-6PDRA8
  15. Squirms

    Call of Duty 4 PS3

    $39.99 at Meijer
  16. Squirms

    [CLOSED]Ichigo's Game Giveaway - Week 1

    Shadow of the Colossus Been wanting to play that for awhile now.
  17. Squirms

    Taco Bell Appreciation Thread

    Like piss out my ass Shit comes at a heated pace No better drunk food
  18. Squirms

    GameQuest Direct CAG December Deals

    If you want Two Worlds for under $20 Gamefly has it for sale for $17.99
  19. Squirms

    Goomba's Freebie of the Week #3 - Multiple Prizes

    I would like the Sonic Plushie. My son is a huge Sonic fan and he would love that for Xmas.
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