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  1. rocksolidaudio

    (DEAD)FREE Playstation All Stars costume Code

    thank you sir! man, it's been a while since i posted here. had to come dig up the source of code postage, and it's my old pal CAG. i guess asking nicely not to post it wasn't going to stop you resourceful rascals. c'est la vie.
  2. rocksolidaudio

    Free Album download from Suburban Home Records

    thanks for the heads-up, grabbed stereotyperider's latest.
  3. rocksolidaudio

    What happened to EGM?

    to be specific, it was UGO's parent company, Hearst Media, who didn't want EGM. i doubt UGO had much say in it.
  4. rocksolidaudio

    1up officially bought by UGO. Goodbye EGM :(

    hey guys, just wanted to pop in to say thanks a million for the support. CAG helped me get my start even before i started writing on my own, and i've always appreciated the community here. obviously tons of thanks to cheapy too for the kind words on the podcast. hopefully you'll be seeing some...
  5. rocksolidaudio

    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    This one's for Wombat (and Cheapy, who is claiming to me at this moment to know more about X-Men than Wombat): Have you seen the new Wolverine trailer that premiered in front of The Day The Earth Stood Still, and is now online? Thoughts? If not, I demand you watch it right now...
  6. rocksolidaudio

    Threadless fans, I have a favor to ask

    Can you go here and vote for my girlfriend's shirt? She's trying to get it manufactured, and it's also in a contest there to win two tickets to Iceland (which has one more day to go). It would be vastly appreciated. I usually wouldn't make a thread request like this, guys are a...
  7. rocksolidaudio

    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    guys, you know i adore you, but i felt compelled to chime in about the slightly misguided embargo discussion you were having. for those of us who regularly attend press events to cover whatever games are being shown off, embargoes are an absolute blessing -- the farther away, the better. why...
  8. rocksolidaudio

    rocksolidaudio finally did it!!

    thank you, thank you. it's Mustache May at Ziff, so i'm just abiding with tradition. several others are paying homage to the beauty of the mustache as well.
  9. rocksolidaudio

    Dan "Shoe" Hsu Leaves 1UP

    thank you much sir. and my origins remain a mystery, though the info is out there (they involve a meteor). i will never understand why people think of the Ubisoft editorial as a bad thing. and i'm not sure what you mean about the SS:BB covers...are you implying they affected the review?
  10. rocksolidaudio

    Dan "Shoe" Hsu Leaves 1UP

    actually, he was editorial director for the 1UP Network, which includes EGM. just to clarify.
  11. rocksolidaudio

    CAGbag: Get your questions answered on CAGcast

    My good friend Cheapy - You've mentioned quite a few times, including this past show, that you believe the majority of people who write about games for a living are disposable since so many people want the job, and ultimately that's why you don't think the recent Gamespot departures, etc., are...
  12. rocksolidaudio

    EGM Rumors and Review Scores

    feb. 5th. print reviews are usually ahead of time.
  13. rocksolidaudio

    Amazon DotD - Rayman Raving Rabids 2 ($15) for Nintendo DS

    yes, please to avoid. my review if you're not convinced:
  14. rocksolidaudio

    Serious Issue Trying To Login To Live

    sounds similar to this:
  15. rocksolidaudio

    January 08 EGM Rumor Mill + Review Scores - Street Fighter IV issue

    didn't get reviewable code in time. it's just how it works.
  16. rocksolidaudio

    how many of us here have jobs????

    i feel like i'm one of the few lucky ones.
  17. rocksolidaudio

    My friend overdosed last night.

    yeah, don't take it lightly. my old roomate OD'ed and died a few years ago from heroin (months after i had stopped living with him), 22 years old. tell your friend she's a fucking moron and help her fix her life.
  18. rocksolidaudio

    Requesting: OINK invite

    i'd love a waffles invite too.
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