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  1. J_Freeze757

    50% off Xbox Series S for Verizon Wireless customers

    That's pretty sweet for that price hopefully I can get a code, Before that offer is gone..
  2. J_Freeze757

    Xbox Game Pass Ultimate $1 only !

    Anyone else having problems with game pass quests? Like it's not show any quest I can complete.
  3. J_Freeze757

    Target Black Friday 2020 Ad

    No one is doing the 199.99 ps4 or xbox one this year. That's what it looks like..
  4. J_Freeze757

    Starlink accessories at Dollar Tree

    ^^^ Same here I was hoping they had Switch or Xbox one saw them there yesterday in Virginia store.
  5. J_Freeze757

    Cyberpunk 2077 Xbox One X $300

    I remeber seeing this post like 2 weeks ago.. Everywhere was sold out and still is seems only if I ever get one is through  ebay...
  6. J_Freeze757

    A Few Codes - Digital movies, Gears of War Games

    Gangs of New York if you still have thank you.
  7. J_Freeze757

    3months Xbox live Gold cards$10@Family Dollar

    I got 2 earlier today thanks man
  8. J_Freeze757

    Random Free Codes (Drop Only, no asking for codes)

    CCDG-A4N4-D84U-PTAX4M code for shutterfly calender 8x11   START THE YEAR FRESH WITH COKE® & SHUTTERFLY Enter any product code or scan a sip & scan® icon to receive an 8x11 wall calendar from Shutterfly. Personalize it with your favorite memories from...
  9. J_Freeze757

    New VUDU disc to digital phone app, just scan barcode, but..

    watch a movie from here for free get 2 dollar Vudu credit
  10. J_Freeze757

    YMMV My Best Buy Mystery Rewards Certificate

    Never got one higher than 5 dollar one.
  11. J_Freeze757

    Ultraviolet Movie service shutting down

    Threads here disappear after few months of inactivity, So if you want thread to stay give it nice post in it (bump).Then it won't be deleted.
  12. J_Freeze757

    2017 Thrift Store Thread -- Share Your Findings Here

    So found out six months ago that the goodwill near me wont sell video game systems no more and will ship them all to another store like 20-30 miles away. They also jacked the games prices up they used be 2 for 5 now it 2 for 7.50.  Starting This week they changed it again they won't sell video...
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