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  1. TreFacTor

    The New Xbox Live Free Trial Thread (Read the OP before posting, NO BEGGING!)

    both lurked, thanks for your effort.
  2. TreFacTor

    The New Xbox Live Free Trial Thread (Read the OP before posting, NO BEGGING!)

    All lurked, thanks for the effort. @nobocake Thank you very much for the code.
  3. TreFacTor


    48 hour live gold XJYCM-PH3YV-2DWKG-QGXG4-MHJVX ENJOY.
  4. TreFacTor

    [ENDED] Contest: Win a copy of Ghost Recon: Future Solider (X360)!

    "I would like to give this game to my son…" — TreFacTor
  5. TreFacTor

    List of all free Xbox Live Marketplace content

    Just some info on the turtle beach stuff, my wife and I are from the usa, our ads were on the second blade, but mine wasn't showing (just a swirl).
  6. TreFacTor

    Free XBOX ACIII Sharpshooter mini-contest

    Cappy cappy? I can only think of pokemon as that is pretty much all my son talks about, that and minecraft.
  7. TreFacTor

    Assassin's Creed 3 'Sharpshooter' available through NOS energy drink

    I'd like a code if you get any more. Thank you in advance. xbox north america
  8. TreFacTor

    Win a Limited Edition Halo 4 Xbox 360 Console Bundle from CAG - LoganDX Wins!

    I still don't own a single FPS and I've owned a 360 since launch. Free is always the perfect entry point.
  9. TreFacTor


    Gone...and I wanted this badly! Thanks anyway.
  10. TreFacTor

    Want to win the Black Ops Escalation Map Pack for day #1!?

    Follow Xbox support on twitter, they are giving out codes. Sorry if this is out of place, but I didn't want to make another thread.
  11. TreFacTor

    Free Netflix Trial

    You are, dealing with netflix is a pain when you have an issue. I can't get unsubscribed from their mailing lists online or through snail mail. Their site is as user friendly as their movie selection menu, and dealing with them on the phone is an exercise of patience.
  12. TreFacTor

    Prepare your Avatar for Prius to Win

    congrats, you were a runner up for a contest that you clicked on from the live dashboard...something along the lines of donwloading a picture or theme to register.
  13. TreFacTor

    Free Netflix Trial

    I canceled my trial a week before it was to end, and they charged me for a month anyway (used a promo code). Took me 2 months to get it credited back.
  14. TreFacTor

    Win a free copy of Portal 2! Biggest Portal 2 giveaway ever, 10 copies being awarded!

    Looking at the questions, you gotta be some type of Blizz Con Jeopardy champ even to recognize what games the questions even reference. "Ace online how to get war points" WTF is that?
  15. TreFacTor

    E-Rewards Invite.

    Forgot to mention that they jsut changed their Gamestop gift cards, you can only redeem them (claim the from e-rewards) every 4 months so that's 3 a year.. I think amazon did something similar will try to find it, but DEFFINETLY Gamestop changed. Gamestop did this themselves.... just a heads up.
  16. TreFacTor

    E-Rewards Invite.

    I'm part of the E-rewards program, and unless you register at Gamestop, you will not be able to get GameStop rewards cards even if your invited by someone who is already a member. You can still get rewards and other gift cards, just not the gamestop ones. I found this out a couple of years ago...
  17. TreFacTor

    Xbox Live Rewards Gamer IQ Contest [MS Points Prizes]

    I've been doing it even before I saw it posted here (got an email first) and haven't won anything, but this is just like their christmas promo...can't remember hearing about a winner in that one either.
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