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  1. peteloaf

    Phil Fish blow up-Fez 2 cancelled?

    Dude made a broken product (Fez), releases a broken patch, and refuses to cover the cost of fixing the broken product he was selling. The industry is much better off without a developer like that. In any other industry selling a product you know is broken and refusing to fix it is pretty much...
  2. peteloaf

    Original Xbox on CRT or HDTV

    If you plan on keeping the Xbox "vanilla" you won't be missing too much with a CRT, though a lot of games do support 16:9. However, if you plan on tweaking the Xbox you can get all games to output in progressive scan. If going from 480i to 480p makes a difference to you go LCD. If that doesn't...
  3. peteloaf

    How to improve viewing quality of classic consoles on a HDTV?

    I have a CRT HDTV and my god does anything in 480i, be it tv or games, look terrible. Everything looks flat and grainy. Colors look muted and awful too. I have my Genesis and NES connected to a 13" TV I found in an alley because the picture is better than on my 32" CRT HDTV. Now, for 360/PS3...
  4. peteloaf

    Adventure Gaming Thread

    Hardcore Gaming 101 put out a fantastic book recently that covers the genre pretty comprehensively. It's mostly 80's and 90's games with a few recent games tossed in but it has more than enough to keep a fan busy for a long, long time. I thought I knew adventure games well but there are sooo...
  5. peteloaf

    What do you do on the internet when bored?

    StumbleUpon is a really great way to lose several hours online. I can't tell you how many times I've realised two hours or so had passed after I hit the stumble button.
  6. peteloaf

    Metal Wolf Chaos translation patch released

    Well, does a mech game that "goes america all over everybody's ass" appeal to you? Joking aside it's an arcade-y mech game that feels as if the sega am2 team worked with the folks that made the earth defense force games. It's a total blast to play, not the best game but worth it for big...
  7. peteloaf

    Benifits of Installing Linux?

    Another thing to remember is that linux for PS3 runs on the power PC architecture not the x86, meaning that there is even less software than normal that will work for it.
  8. peteloaf

    MechWarrior 4 free [FOR REAL THIS TIME] from MekTek

    Yea, they are doing MW4 also, but this timer is for their own project, not MW. If you check the url for the flash file it references "at1" - that is the project they are working on.
  9. peteloaf

    MechWarrior 4 free [FOR REAL THIS TIME] from MekTek

    Actually all signs are pointing to this being a release for their own game "Assault Tech 1" not the free Mechwarrior...
  10. peteloaf

    Trying to remember the name of an arcade game

    to the OP - was it Hippodrome?
  11. peteloaf

    Need help figuring out the name of some late 90's PC game

    Bump! Looking for a 90's pc game, that if i remember correctly, was a decent clone. The premise of the game was that a virus had infected your computer and it used your directory structure and the images on your hard drive to build the levels of the game. Any thoughts?
  12. peteloaf

    Need help figuring out the name of some late 90's PC game

    Arcade America?
  13. peteloaf

    Mortal Kombat Deception question

    What you have is the bonus disc from the collectors edition - you need the other disc to play the actual game.
  14. peteloaf

    Industrial/Glamrock/EBM Music

    I'd suggest finding a copy of the Wax Trax! Black Box. It's a very good jumping on point as Wax Trax! was THE industrial label. And I'll second "The Land of Rape and Honey," it's one of my all time favorites, industrial or not. I'd also recommend "Big Sexy Land" by the Revolting Cocks & "Opus...
  15. peteloaf

    Don't knock it till you try it: Weird food combos!

    As a child I would put apple sauce on my hotdogs & dip fish sticks in apple sauce. Recently a friend of mine & I tried steak ala mode (steak with a scoop of vanilla ice cream on top) it was fantastic....
  16. peteloaf

    PS3 FAQ's: PSN, Gaming, Hardware, Accessories, Gen. Discussions...etc.

    As kingbroly said the 40gb has PS1 bc - I can confirm this personally having just played Street Fighter EX on mine. The problem probably lies in the wacky controller stuff that happens at that moment in the game. Do you have a 2nd controller? Try having it active before you launch the game.
  17. peteloaf

    CDI Owners Unite!

    I always wanted to play "Burn Cycle" - I used to love cyberpunk themed adventure games.
  18. peteloaf

    Hell Frozen Over: Street Fighter IV coming to PC (rumor)

    How is this hell freezing over? Many versions of II were released for PC. I think one of the Alpha games was as well. Hell the original was released for DOS...
  19. peteloaf

    I use to be a PC, Now im a MAC

    I AM a graphic designer and I can't justify the cost of a Mac. They are just WAY over priced. Now that the mac is running on the same hardware as pc it's all the more obvious. Besides, I hate the "I'm a Mac" commercials.
  20. peteloaf

    2008 CAG Election - Who's your choice?

    Not their positions, local candidates positions. The candidates that affect my day to day lives. The candidates who raise county taxes, the candidates who ignore the local heroin epidemic, the candidates who put forward major (and needless) street renovations. I won't be part of giving them a...
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