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  1. yeldarb367

    Tallahassee CAGs

    Wow. I need to return to these boards. What up Continental and Suko? I'm in Chi-town now but I'll be back for the holidays.
  2. yeldarb367

    Stand By Me Deluxe DVD $10 and others-Target

    Stand By Me DE is also part of a great B1G1 sale at Best Buy this week.
  3. yeldarb367

    Boomtown Season 1 only $16.19!

    Amazing show!
  4. yeldarb367

    $10 off $20 w/ Google Checkout

    Yes, if you have more than one credit/debit card and another e-mail address.
  5. yeldarb367

    $10 off $20 w/ Google Checkout

    I used this on DVD Empire yesterday and my order has already shipped. Yay!
  6. yeldarb367

    Few cheap games at Overstock ($8 Timesplitters Future Perfect)

    I was on DVD Price Search earlier and followed a link to Overstock for 8% off an entire order.
  7. yeldarb367

    If the PS3 were $399, what would you do?

    I haven't planned on getting a PS3 at all.
  8. yeldarb367

    Sony PS3 games to be 59.99-99.99? WTF???

    I'm not surprised.
  9. yeldarb367

    RUMOR: The Wii will cost $600 and have a cassette player

    I was expecting this to be a flat out joke.
  10. yeldarb367

    Will Gamecube memory cards work on Wii?

    I'd be surprised. Seems like they would want to force people to buy memory. Not that I support such a decision but I could see it happening.
  11. yeldarb367

    Grey's Anatomy Season 1 - $16.44 shipped from Overstock

    I feel like this is on sale somewhere every week.
  12. yeldarb367

    FS: 50+ DVDs, a lot for $5, SEs, box sets, Family Guy & more

    Without, but if you buy enough I'll waive or at least reduce shipping. Alive, didn't see anything. Main post updated for clarity.
  13. yeldarb367

    Circuit City/Target/Best Buy DVD & CD Ad 5/7-5/13

    Good shit at CC. Thanks.
  14. yeldarb367

    UPDATED: Deals at Overstock: SC: Chaos Theory (GC) $7, Otogi 2 (Xbox) $12, and more!

    How is NBA Street Vol. 3 in comparison to the previous two?
  15. yeldarb367

    Circuit City/Target/Best Buy DVD Ad 4/30-5/6

    Looks like I'll have to pass through CC.
  16. yeldarb367

    Movie Ads: Feb 12-18 (cc/bb/target) Updated /w CC on 2.9

    Grey's Anatomy for me too. Thanks for the pirces TSD.
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