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  1. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    What is the best ACTION RPG?

    Exile for turbografx is pretty sweet Oh wait just realized what forum this is :(
  2. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    Turbo Grafx 16 Questions?

    I second Ninja Spirit. Blazing Lasers is also really awesome. If you get a CD drive, pick up Exile, it's a superb action RPG.
  3. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    Did EB find a couple thousand Vampire Night guncon2 bundles in a warehouse?

    I'd say Vampire Night is actually the best PS2 lightgun game. It doesn't use the ducking mechanics so you can play it 2 player without it being split screen like TC2 & 3.
  4. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    My Birthday, so H10, Micro mp3 players

    No love for the Carbon?
  5. Sheik Rattle Enroll


    Why does everyone here think games are such an astoundingly good investment? If most games depreciate rapidly in price, and a couple double in price in 10 years, you're highly unlikely to make much money. I had a massive collection of turbografx games and yeah some of them I sold for $50-$100...
  6. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    Best Nippon Ichi RPG?

    Disgaea by far. Phantom Brave was a huge letdown, as its basically just a buggier Disgaea with a worse plot and one small new gimmick.
  7. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    Rare videogames?

    It's interesting how collector's markets go. People wanted Circus Ride for TG deperately for years, paying as much as $2000 a copy for it. Then somebody found a bunch in a warehouse somewhere and the price plummeted to < $20. I bet it makes the guy who paid $2000 feel like an idiot...
  8. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    McDonalds - FREE chicken selects 2/17 through 2/20, 11am to 2pm daily

    That's a first, a guy encouraging his girlfriend to eat fatty foods.
  9. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    Freedom Force vs 3rd Reich with autographed artwork - First 500 pre-orders only

    Seems hard to tell when they're gone, I actually got in on this when it was first posted on Blue's News a few weeks ago and it didn't seem to tell me if I got artwork or not. Still, should be an incredible game.
  10. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    CAG Exclusive: The Return of Weekend Deals from GameStop! (Exp. 2/14)

    You can't sit in your living room with 3 other people and play Diablo 2, at least not without 4 computers and monitors.
  11. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    Capcom - Wondrous Third Party Game Developer Or Sir-Milks-A-Lot?

    Capcom used to be a powerhouse, but lately the quality has definately tapered off. Granted, the Japanese gaming industry as a whole has been going through hard times, but you could argue it's because of milking franchises that they wound up in this situation. It's not just sequelitis that's...
  12. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    Programs you can't live without

    XnView, it's the best image viewer I've used and it's free.
  13. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    Games it is impossible not to like.

    I never played melee but I absolute despise the original. Playing it made me want to die it was so horribly balanced. In a multiplayer game, balance is everything. I'll second tetris, bubble bobble, and burnout 3 though. Also super mario bros. and bomberman.
  14. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    Xbox games to Eb or Gamestop

    FYE gives good credit but everything there is insanely expensive so you pretty much break even.
  15. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    uk PC games?

    Get uk pc games off of ebay, you can get stuff pretty cheap usually. I prefer uk versions of alot of stuff since they come in swank dvd boxes.
  16. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    Got Suikoden IV?

    I doubt I'll pick it up, Suikoden I was the only one I could tolerate. It seems like they're simplifying an already over-simplified combat system.
  17. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    My game won in the Independent Games Festival, yay!

    Anybody beat this sucker on the hardest level yet???
  18. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    My game won in the Independent Games Festival, yay!

    Well, it's pretty dull here compared to living in a dorm at a "real" college, but I went to another school for 2 years so I got my partying done. It's also an enormous amount of work, and I think something like 75% of students wind up leaving or flunking out. Also realize that a job in the...
  19. Sheik Rattle Enroll

    My game won in the Independent Games Festival, yay!

    Yeah, we'll all be going down, should be good times.
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