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  1. Bubbameister33

    Free $5 gift card in Xbox email titled Gifts for gamers made easy

    Thanks for letting me know about this. Instead of a moving deer, my email had a black present with green ribbon moving in it.
  2. Bubbameister33

    Opinions on the new update?

    I'm completely lost.
  3. Bubbameister33

    Gamefly Used Games Sale $15 each Tom Clancy, Max Payne 3, Dirt showdown, Prototype 2

    So instead of instead informing Gamefly, you could have a potentially screwed someone else over? Good job.
  4. Bubbameister33

    Xbox Games on Demand sale 75% off

    I'm gonna buy two games in the hopes that it encourages them to have more Games on Demand sales. I see games on there I really want to buy but the cost keeps me from doing so.
  5. Bubbameister33

    RIP Teena Marie.

    I don't think so.
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