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    Japanese Video Game Figure Thread

    I got my Link yesterday. I also used the EMS 50% off deal talked about here, but my figure was stuck in customs for a week :( Oh well, it made it and I'm super happy with it Edit: Also, does anyone know the release/preorder date for the Pit (Kid Icarus) figure?
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    NEW CAG Club Nintendo U (I2B - WWHD; See 1st Post for New Info)

    It's up now. Just ordered mine :)
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    Chuck S2 Blu-Ray -How to tell is 3D episode included?

    I got tired of waiting for customer service to reply, and drove out to a different Best Buy today. They had one 3D version left, so I'm good to go now :)
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    Chuck S2 Blu-Ray -How to tell is 3D episode included?

    Has anyone heard anything back from Warner Bros? I've sent an email twice through the customer service link that is referred to in the tvshowsondvd post about replacement, and I still haven't gotten a response. Did anyone contact Warner Bros another way?
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    A Up/Monsters Inc Blu-Ray buying guide

    Fry's worked out best for me. When bought together, Monster's Inc. rings up at 13.77 and Up at 19.95. Subtotal =33.72 8.1% Tax = 2.73 Up Coupon= -10 Monster's Inc. Coupon = -8 $10 Coupon attached to Monster's Inc. = -10 Total = 8.45 Thanks OP for tracking this.
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    Fry's Ads 11/6-12 (Updated Daily): Cod:MW2=$49.89

    I can confirm the Phoenix AZ Frys taking coupons. With the $10 Up, $8 Monster's Inc, and $10 Combo coupon attached to monster's Inc - I paid 8.45 out the door Edit: Actually, I guess it's the Tempe Fry's.
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    ECA Membership - Currently Free - Amazon Code Status: Gone for good

    You do realize that it says 3+ games a year. That means they have about 50 more weeks to fix this problem before you can really have a valid argument. Just because. There has been (and will be) plenty of opportunity to get the 10% off. You're just sore because it would benefit you most right...
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    Pepsi's "Drink up, Rock out" promotion - Win DLC and Games! STARTS JUNE 2ND!

    I had this problem last night. I redeemed 16 codes for PS3 songs after 12am EST, and none of the codes would be accepted on the PS Store. I checked all of them 1 by 1. I emailed Yahoo about it, but I got a canned response about contacting EA if I didn't know how to enter codes correctly. I...
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    Huge Best Buy Anime Closeout Sale Coming To A Best Buy Near You w/ Finalized List

    Was that the Gilbert AZ store? I was there on Sunday and saw the manager moving titles to that rack. What's interesting is that the Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum pack was on the rack of excluded titles. Earlier on Sunday I picked that up at the Scottsdale Shea store, but I had to get the...
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    Huge Best Buy Anime Closeout Sale Coming To A Best Buy Near You w/ Finalized List

    I picked up the Neon Genesis Evangelion Platinum Box set for $29, and Yu Yu Hakusho Seasons 1-3 for $12.50 each yesterday. Today I drove about 30 miles out of the way to get YYH Season 4 @ 12.50 also... none of the close stores had it in stock :(
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    Import Killzone 2 tin from the .uk for $53 shipped

    I know the PS3 will play games from any region, but can't you only get download content from the appropriate PSN store? Meaning that any US download content won't work for this copy. I'm pretty sure that's what I read about LBP, and I heard it applies to all download content. Someone correct...
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    Have: Uncharted 3, Battlefield 3

    Sending you a PM
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    PS3/PS4 Games - Buy, Sell or Trade Thread!

    Have: Ratchet and Clank (sealed) Want: Metal Gear Solid 4 Bioshock Dead Space Heavenly Sword Mirror's Edge
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    Target Clearance Thread XII (Post DPCI numbers for the OP!)

    I also saw UT3 go back up to 40. It's still marked 19.99 though so I could probably get it for that
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    Official Kmart Clearance Thread [closed]

    I picked up Excite Truck for $15 on Saturday. Then today I went to a K-mart that's a little out of my way but usually still has clearance games, and was able to pick up a second Excite Truck for my dad (late father's day gift:)) The second one was marked $15 but rang up $10!
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