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    Ninja Gaiden 2 29.99 at Blockbuster (NEW)

    I found it at the block buster on 6th and Grant. Call blockbusters and ask if they can save one for you. That's what I did.
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    Store chains you miss that went out of business?

    Rhino Games, I know some of their prices were horrible and their staff was ridiculously stupid but the fact that they would comp you up to a new release game if you traded in a game that was worth over 10 dollars. That's the only reason I missed that store.
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    Stephane Dion - This is unfair!

    Muah hahahahahaha
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    PS3 Ebay seller refuses to send

    Do what wubb says, report him as a non performing seller. That is crap and keep on sending emails to paypal to take care of this person. You bought the item, you should be able to get it.
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    New Amazon Customer Vote - goodbye Prime, hello Zune!

    This is the reason why I voted for the grill. After the whole xbox360 fiasco, they are giving their items out at random voters. Zune is going to be highly clicked so I had to go for the grill, which is going to be less clicked so more of an advantage toward me. Hopefully I get the grill...
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    colorado, ho!

    I'll wait till most of the bugs are out of the new systems before i think about buying one.
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    First US PS3 Commercial: The Wait.

    Wow somebody that is really ignorant to gaming. I believe this noob forgot the basic principles of games. It's not the graphics that make the game it's the gameplay. Somebody get this guy a game that's well made not a fancy one that has bright lights and neato sound that he likes and buys so...
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    games below $3.00

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    cheap PSP??

    What price range are you looking at?
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    What do you do when someone with 0 feedback bids but you state they can't?

    I agree with you. We all had zero feedback and we all had to gain feedback so we had to buy stuff. Just make sure you receive payment before you ship it out. That's all you can ask for.
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    LoZ:Twilight Princess... Wii or Cube?

    Simple, Just get it on the Wii.
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    Do you guys finish all your games?

    Simply Answer, No, I get new games and forget about the old ones, then i just get more stuff to distract me and I never make it back to the game.
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    Best SNES Games -- *Master List*

    final fantasy 3 chorno trigger Terranigma (almost impossible to find) mariokart Mario rpg
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    Digital Camera

    Canons are good cameras. The only company that can challenge canon is nikon, they go back and for on who is the best.
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    PSP Deal....yay or nay?

    take a few people in the car with you if you find out it's somewhat true. But what you shold do is save your money for Italy. That should be priority #1. Being away from the US is great.
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    360 only has 512 MB of RAM.......

    Here's a thought, games that are made for 360 already have their specs set. PC games can very on specs because there is not one pc that has set a standard, PCs change everyday for specs. 360 stays the same.
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    Free Tooth Paste!

    Thank you
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    Kitten Cannon

    I use to play this game on ebaums world during finals. Awww, the times we should of been studying were devoted to this.
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    FPS on PC or X360

    All I am going to say is that I am used to console gaming so i prefer it. If you like playing fps on a computer than do so. I like the feel of a controller in my hand rather than a mouse and keyboard.
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