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  1. kelvinpalmer

    [New Year] PureVPN 5 Years Plan In $1.32/mo

    PureVPN is running their black friday deal again on the new year for a limited time. 5 Years Plan at 88% off - Price after rebate, $79. Link:
  2. kelvinpalmer

    PureVPN 5 Year Christmas Deal at 88% OFF

    Censorship is widespread on the Internet and so are regional restrictions, ISP monitors you 24/7, and Cyber Threats are ever growing than before. It is time to overcome censorships, online restrictions, and annoying Cyber Threats with PureVPN.   Why You Should Get a VPN? Browse the Internet...
  3. kelvinpalmer

    Best VPN for Gaming to reduce high pings and lags

    I don't think a VPN would reduce your high-ping because the distance between you and server counts. The closest it is to you the better speed and ping you will get. Issue is the speed of a VPN, many VPN services are great but their speed is quite slow. So, it's a mix and match when looking for...
  4. kelvinpalmer

    Late to the game.. Xbox one (PC) vs PS4

    I am an old gamer too, back then PC didn't get much titles compared to PS3 and Xbox 360 which got me thinking that console is better when you are a casual gamer. If you are an enthusiast then you are better off with PC.
  5. kelvinpalmer

    Mixed feelings about E3

    I am so out of gaming that I forgot watching this year's E3. So, how was it?
  6. kelvinpalmer

    What's a game you've played multiple times?

    Counter Strike 1.6, Red Alert, Age of Empires 2, F.E.A.R, King of Fighters 98, Tekken 5 
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