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    What happens to the weekly ad posts?

    What happened to the different retailer weekly posts? I haven't bought a new video game in over 2 months and I know it's because of this.
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    Walmart and Target no longer taking video games for trade in.

    All good things come to an end... I traded in over 80 copies of Titanfall 1 and made about $35 per copy the first week they did the 3x trade in credit. I also traded in over 50+ GameCube games that were scratched TO HELL for $30 each. Then 20-30 other random games? I used all this newfound money...
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    Meijer 11/4-11/10: B2G1 Free Sale - Includes Switch games!

    Almost positive only one game is free on the receipt and they aren't prorated. I got gift receipts so I'm going to try and return one game and see.
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    Pre-Order available for Monster Hunter Cross Gear Grip for New 3DS LL/XL @ Play-Asia, $39.99

    Will this work with the NA version 3DS XL? (US Version)
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