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    [DEAD]Rightstuf Holiday Countdown to 12+ 2013 is Complete. Sale items have been archived into this thread. Feel free to use as reference.

    This is one of my new favorite anime titles. It is a lot of fun, and I highly recommend it.
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    PC Games- Buy, Sell, or Trade Thread

    Have: Crysis 3 Hunter Edition Origin code Want: Tomb Raider (Steam) Steam games Bitcoins/Litecoins Paypal
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    Adventure Time Collector's Edition: $7 Borderlands 2 Pandora Baseball Hat: $3
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    Sinfulfate's Lowball # 3 is Over

    xbox 360 HD DVD addon - $2
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    ~~ This lowball is over. Go visit my trade thread instead! ~~ 

    $15.75 $25 $35 ==> **Special Box S**: $30
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    Official Xbox Marketplace Trade Thread - READ THE OP! ONE POST EVERY THREE DAYS!

    Have: Halo 4 Web Armor [Amazon preorder] Want: Paypal or Xbox points EDIT: ***TRADED***
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    Win 1600 Xbox Live points! Quick and easy! (WINNER PICKED)

    Winner picked, check first post!
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    Win 1600 Xbox Live points! Quick and easy! (WINNER PICKED)

    Howdy all! My company is giving away one free Xbox Live 1600 points card! I was able to run a promotion like this a few years ago and now it's up again! We are doing this to bring attention to the site as a great way to save money on your car insurance and use that...
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    Amazon PCDD - $5 DRM Free Ubisoft Games+BOGO

    Just picked up Alice, thanks!
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    Selling Batman: Arkham City code for PC

    Midday bump!
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    Selling Batman: Arkham City code for PC

    I got a code for the PC version of Arkham City with my new video card (GTX 570). Not planning on using it (Oblivion/Skyrim are consuming my life!) so it's up for grabs here! This is a code for a copy of the full game. EDIT: SOLD Thanks for looking!
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    Lowball Over.

    The links were working for me before, now they are not working for me either. Considering bidding, nice selection you have.
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    H: Wii U refurb bundle! Perfect condition! — W: PayPal

    Free bump for you, great games!
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    Sharkoon X-Tatic SP Gaming Headset for PS3, xbox 360 & PC $49.96 @ Walmart

    SP back in stock at Amazon, by the way.
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    fs: DSi w/ Pokemon Black + Solitaire

    Paypal sent, good sir! EDIT: Got it yesterday, everything is in perfect shape. Thanks again.
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