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    Futureshop Boxing Day Sale

    Welp, looks like I'll pick up the 360 holiday bundle.  I was hoping to reuse my old 250GB hard drive but since the 4gb is $130 at the source the extra 70 seems alright, plus $25 gift card. Kinda disappointed to not see a Zelda Wii U deal as well.
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    12 Days Of Gaming EB GAMES Returns Day 1 - 12

    Oooh, I've been waiting on a good price for an xbox 360 so I can retire my MW2 360 that's been having performance issues. Any idea if this is for the older/newer models? I wonder how much it'll be, I think $100 is the sweet spot for a newer one, don't know if we'll get anything lower then that.
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    Shoppers Drug Mart Dec 14-15 Mario 3DS XL $170

    Definitely gonna grab the 3DS here, I waited and missed out on the 150 dollar 3DS for black friday and this is probably the next best deal, although I would've preferred the LoZ one.
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    H: Paypal W: Xbox 360, N3DS XL

    Found myself a local 3ds xl, still looking for a copy of  LoZ and an Xbox 360.
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    EB Games Black Friday Deals ( try to add more stores )

    Unfortunately it's backordered online and of course I worked till all BB/FS stores were closed.  Theres a couple up on Kijiji, sealed, that I might bite on.  Really should have been less lazy.
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    H: Paypal W: Xbox 360, N3DS XL

    HAVE:  PAYPAL $$ WANT:  XBOX 360 AND N3DS Hey folks, like the title says: I have paypal. I want an Xbox 360(face lifted one) as mine is on it's way out.  Don't need kinect, just need wires, don't need controllers either.  If anyone has a spare black friday $100 I'd buy it off of ya.  Doesn't...
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    EB Games Black Friday Deals ( try to add more stores )

    Hmm, do I jump on the ads XL for $150 at BB/FS or do I wait and hope theres a better cyber monday deal?  Think I might have to get the FS one….
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    3DS XL $159.99 3DS $129.99 Toys R Us Nov. 22 6pm-12am

    Is that for the black friday deal?
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    EB Game Days May 17 to June 2

    Damn, was hoping to get Metro:LL at a bit of a discount.
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    What are you currently reading? Post here!

    I just(in the last week and a half) finished the five books of the Songs of Ice and Fire books(Game of thrones books). Liked them a lot, definitely my kind of books, anyone have any reccomendations for someone who enjoys those kind of books? I like all kinds of fiction but I'm a big fan of the...
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    Flyers April 20-26 [Canada]

    Free prototype with Prototype 2 doesn't sound too bad, if that's the best deal on P2 I'll be grabbing that I think.
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    Where can I find a copy of Crackdown?

    I'm like 50 percent sure that you can find a new copy of crackdown at EBgames in Calgary at least, also HMV used to have them before they sold all of their games out. I'm just curious, for a five year old game, why not just buy used?
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    Wii Balance Board

    Looking to buy a wii balance board for my cousins and I was wondering where the best price for them was. Also I'd probably like to buy them wii fit as well.
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    Gamestop Canada Boxing Day 2011 Videogame flyer full deals

    I don't think so, when they had Shift 2 Unleashed on sale new for 10 dollars they pulled all of the used ones off of the shelves and put $0.00 prices on the used ones.
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    Eb games Create(ps3/360/wii) $4.89/BulletStorm(ps3/360)$9.89+4 more

    I got Shift 2 unleashed today, they had the used copy for 0.00 too but when I brought it to the till the guy apologized and said it shouldn't be out there then sold m ethe 10 dollar cop.
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    Wii remotes

    Says out of stock :( I'll stop by at a sears and see if they have any, thanks a lot.
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    Wii remotes

    Any good prices on wii remotes? Best I've seen is 25 bucks at EB games used but if theres any better of a deal i'd like to pick up three.
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    Wii sales before christmas?

    The Marlborough Mall Wal-Mart in Calgary had the blue wiis for 110. Picked one up today and they had two left.
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    Flyers Dec 2-8th [Canada]

    Anyone got any news on if theres gonna be any deals for the Best Buy private shopper thing going down tomorrow? I think its for reward zone fellas and such.
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    Flyers Black Friday the Canadian edition November 25-Dec.1st [Canada]

    There are some really good remote starters fifty percent off (140->70, and 120->60) that are both remote starters and keyless entry or just remote starters(the cheaper ones) at canadian tire, I bought one today and they're renowned for being of good quality and they are really nice to have in...
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