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  1. Hman4Life

    Buying Super Mario Odyssey

    Hi how are you? I’m not sure how much your willing to spend but I have the digital code for Super Mario Odyssey for sale for $40?
  2. Hman4Life

    W: NBA 2K21 PS4 Mamba Edition DLC ONLY H: Paypal

    Anyone else selling the two codes that came with the ps4 nba2k21 mamba edition game? looking to buy it as well. i have paypal please message me thanks
  3. Hman4Life

    Free digital copy of Halo 5: Guardians with Signup for Monster Halo Promo

    Anyone have an extra halo 5 digital game code to sell me. I'd really appreciate it. Thanks. The game codes ran out :-(
  4. Hman4Life

    H: Fortnite Dark Purple Vertex + 2000 Vbucks W: Paypal or GC

    Hi bud how are you? Would you trade for a couple of digital games? I have Sea of Thieves and minecraft plus I can throw in 4 months free of apple music and 1 month of xbox live for that Fortnite code. Or the games with some cash through paypal. Please let me know either way thanks
  5. Hman4Life

    H: Gears 5 digital code W:PayPal

    Hi bud, how are you? Is it the ultimate edition of Gears of War 5?
  6. Hman4Life

    H: Division PTS code! W: pp

    Hi bud, how are you? What is the division pts code? I'm interested if its any in game content
  7. Hman4Life

    Offer Expired

    Hi how are bud? What is the bonus dlc? Like what does it consist of?
  8. Hman4Life

    [H] Battlfield V Deluxe Edition (XB1) [W] Fallout 76 (XB1) or another newer title

    I have a digital game code to Battlefield V Deluxe Edition for the XB1. I want to trade it straight up for Fallout 76 for the XB1 or another newer title. Also willing to sell it for $40 paypal. Feel free to send me offers, thanks.
  9. Hman4Life

    Looking to trade Rock Band Rivals Xbone for PS4 code

    Hi how are you? Do you still have the rockband 4 rivals dlc. If so would you sellit to me. I have positive feedback and im a serious buyer. Please get back to me as soon as possible thanks
  10. Hman4Life

    {H} Gears of War 4 UE, Gears 1,2,3 j {W} Psn/xbox currency, psn/xbox game trade, amazon gift card

    Hi how are you? I already own Gears of War 4 but its just the regular edition, i am hoping that maybe you can just sell me all the extra content i guess the season pass that makes it the Ultimate Edition. Let me know please how much you would take it for it I would really appreciate it thanks.
  11. Hman4Life

    [H]: EU Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 Remix [W] $30 PP

    Do you have an xbox one i have a Battlefield One and Gears of War i would trade you for it. If not id give you 20 for it
  12. Hman4Life

    [H]: EU Kingdom Hearts 1.5+2.5 Remix [W] $30 PP

    Is it a digital code?
  13. Hman4Life

    Battlefield One Deluxe Edition for XB1 (Full Game Code)

    Open to trades for another full game. OR $25 Paypal. Hit me up
  14. Hman4Life


    Hi bud, how are you? Do you still have Halo Master Chief Collection? I have Dishonered The Definitive code for XB1 if your still looking for it
  15. Hman4Life

    H: Gears of War Collection and Fallout 3 codes W: Paypal

    Gears of War 1 + 2 + 3 and Judgement for $8 Paypal. Fallout 3 for $5 Paypal. Also have Rainbow Six Vegas 2 for $3 Paypal. Open to trades as well. All codes are for the Xbox One.
  16. Hman4Life

    H: Battlefield 1 Deluxe Edition(XB1) Full Game Code W: Newer Xbox One Full Game Code

    Have a full game code of Battlefield 1 Early Enlister Deluxe Edition for the Xbox One. Would trade even up for a newer Xbox One full game code or a season pass for The Division for the PS4. Last option would be $40 Paypal.
  17. Hman4Life

    VUDU code 3 movies Cast Away, Horton Hears a Who and Taken...looking to trade. The code contains these 3 movies. Looking to trade for another Vudu c

    Hi how are you? I really want just the cast away code. Are they UV HD. I have Batman vs Superman UV code.
  18. Hman4Life

    H: The Division Gold Edition PS4 w/ Season Pass; W: Paypal

    Hi how are you? I know its been forever since you posted but would you still happen to have the season pass to The Division. I have the physical game and the first dlc im just looking to buy the season pass for the next 2 dlc.
  19. Hman4Life

    Digital Game Code Trade

    Hello to everyone? I have a few codes for trade. I have Assassins Creed Blackflag for Xbox One. I also have Gears of War code that id backwards compatible. Along with Fallout 3 and Rainbow Six Las Vegas 1 + 2, all backwards compatible for the Xbox One. Ill trade for anything PS4 especially DLC...
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