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  1. leperlover


    Walmart and K-mart are one in the same.. they're are the same toothless employees, just transfered
  2. leperlover

    Church is bad for your health

    I know what you doing on sundays instead of church.. ..under the covers...
  3. leperlover

    Wholesales Lists from Ebay Questions...

    I think I may be the only one that got some use out of them. I paid around $30 for it and saved $80 or so on a cell phone. the rest was crap
  4. leperlover

    how tall are cheapassgamers?

    22 and 5'7.. all you underage kids being taller than me is depressing.
  5. leperlover

    wha? I got 9 cent games

    it sounds like a lie, escpeically the 9.76 part. the only way i can think of is that he had some kind of eb credit with was then substracted from the total price. He still might be full of shit tho.
  6. leperlover

    It's Official: DragonLordFrodo is Banned!!!

    Yeah happy day. I'll laugh if he becomes the new Jared for Subway.
  7. leperlover

    What is America's Most Evil Company?

    Toys R-Us. The employees seem like they do coke in the back or something
  8. leperlover

    i need to make 1000 dollars in 2-3 weeks, i will do anything...

    I constantly see those ads on telephone poles in the streets saying you can make thousands in weeks. If may very well be prostitution, but give it a shot.
  9. leperlover

    name that movie quote...

    It was Conan the Barbarian (arrrnold) "You said she looked like Freddy Jackson. Bitch came out lookin like Freddy Jackson"
  10. leperlover

    name that movie quote...

    I'm bored so here's a little game. I'm too lazy to search if this is already a thread earlier on but I''m gonna name a famous movie quote and just name the movie and who said it. Then, whoever answers it goes names their movie quote, so on and so forth. To get the ball rolling, here's an easy...
  11. leperlover

    Looking for a laptop

    Eh, best advice would be to hit up stores like BB, CC, and other computer stores. I know if I was going to drop that much money on something, I'd go to stores and check them out
  12. leperlover

    What is you favorite genre of video gaming?

    RPG and adventure. some racing too (mario Kart DD is the shit). I like some sprts games if they're not too involved, such as NFL streets and NBA jam.
  13. leperlover

    What is your dream job?

    be on welfare. Come on, you get to sit in your house all day and checks keep coming in? thats the shit
  14. leperlover

    Outlaw Volleyball 4.99 at Bestbuy

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought outlaw volleyball was one of the worse games in existance?
  15. leperlover

    Are you married?

    Yeah its moving to fast. I cant tell the sex
  16. leperlover

    Final Fantasy Chronicles.. which game is better?

    IMO, chrono trigger was the best. As for your avatar okesmokey, I think I threw up a bit.
  17. leperlover

    Mixed drinks w/o antifreeze

    Try a stumblefuk. Its Jaager, goldshlager and peppermint schnapps. Two shots and you're slurricane.
  18. leperlover

    Are you married?

    Single is dominating the votes for us gamers. What a shocker.
  19. leperlover

    [Poll] Which FF would you like to see redone on a next-gen system?

    Agreed. FF2 hooked me onto FF3 and then it just went on from there
  20. leperlover

    Real Stinkers from the CC $4.99 sale

    Not only those, but pretty much the whole bin they put out.
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