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  1. Fell Open Ian

    CAGcast #589: The Best and Driest Seat

    Whenever you see someone's tweets go beyond 2 or 3 parts you know that they've lost the plot and likely the argument. :argue:
  2. Fell Open Ian

    CAGcast #494: Shepard Forever

    If anyone wants to feel better about Mass Effect Andromeda they should just fire-up Arcania from that Humble Bundle.
  3. Fell Open Ian

    CAGcast #469: Different Folks, Different Marathons

    I'm pretty sure that Rosario Dawson is gonna make-out with Jessica Jones next season. :-k
  4. Fell Open Ian

    CAGcast #458: Pokemon Go Away

    I'm super interested in the build quality of those NES Mini controllers. Those are a steal at $10 a pop considering that a poorly made knock-off NES style controller costs roughly the same. You could use them as is on Wii/Wii U (NX?) or just use an adapter or re-wire them for USB. Either way...
  5. Fell Open Ian

    CAGcast #449: METAcast

    Wait a minute; Wombat, can you watch something and then re-watch it with your wife while pretending that you've never seen it? I get caught every damn time. That might be your superpower.
  6. Fell Open Ian

    CAGcast #447: Ray Liotta Gigant

    Lichdom Battlemage should be avoided on console = (horrible framerate exacerbated by horrible motion blur) That right there, along with plenty of other games on PS4 and Xbox One, should give everyone pause about what happens performance-wise to the 'old' console...
  7. Fell Open Ian

    CAGcast #445: Caulk Talk

    As someone who just had a shit day, thank you guys for putting your caulk in my ears :beer:
  8. Fell Open Ian

    Fallout 4 Megathread (Xbox One)

    I was more thinking if they tried to do a 'season 2' or basically anything outside of the initial 'season pass' ala Borderlands 2. (it clearly says ALL DLC on all three storefronts)
  9. Fell Open Ian

    Fallout 4 Megathread (Xbox One)

    Some people are complaining about the price increase of the season pass but what Bethesda and consumers need to really worry about is the product description: "get the Fallout 4 Season Pass and get all Fallout 4 DLC for one S.P.E.C.I.A.L. price." If Bethesda tries to put any DLC outside of the...
  10. Fell Open Ian

    CAGcast #438: Nobody Beats the Ms.

    Framerate issues/stuttering/hitching is one thing but Firewatch on PS4 is outright crashing and eating save data = that shit shouldn't pass Sony's cert and it's completely unacceptable. As for Unity on consoles, the engine is in a really bad place and especially when it comes to things like...
  11. Fell Open Ian

    Legend of Zelda Triforce Heroes Demo Code

    Here's all 3 of mine because I'm far too busy mucking around with homebrew and emulators :beer: B0HXLT5T21R3HHVR B0HXWSWY44MG2KSC B0HH6JQ14D6B2DFB
  12. Fell Open Ian

    CAGcast #422: Cold Coffee

    Cheapy, completing the first Taken King mission on a character is what unlocks the mission for their third subclass. (if you want force lightning for your warlock then get your ass to Mars)
  13. Fell Open Ian

    CAGcast #418: Money Money Money

    The whole pre-order numbers unlock stuff thing is not new and has been done multiple times on PC/Steam. I guess that Deus Ex was just high profile enough to finally catch the attention of the games media. :?: The only part which I think is actually new is having a tier which unlocks an early...
  14. Fell Open Ian

    Steam+ Deals Mega Thread (All PC Gaming Deals)

    Both and use the Tale of Two Wastelands mod. (Fallout 3 causes a lot of headaches in Windows 7+ so it's better to just use that mod and play Fallout 3 inside of New's what I'm doing on a replay of both games right now in fact) edit: Also, for anyone wanting to buy either or both, you...
  15. Fell Open Ian

    Axiom Verge PR Scammed by Fake Reviewer, Who Is Also a CAG Member.

    They could always subvert that market by just letting people buy the games when they're done. 'Reviewers' be damned. Just a future...blah blah blah. :beer:
  16. Fell Open Ian

    Diablo III / Diablo II Thread

    Here's the new Tavern Talk in case anyone missed it: (focused on Seasons but some other stuff in there as well) Basically a whole lot of "We're working on it." and "We're thinking about it.". :-k
  17. Fell Open Ian

    GTX 970 v.s. 980 v.s. SLI 970

    I've never been a fan of SLI: More power consumption, more heat, more driver/game issues and it doesn't actually double your performance. (plus weird allocation stuff and so on and so forth) It's just not all it's cracked-up to be and especially not in the face of an industry which will mostly...
  18. Fell Open Ian

    Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate - Out Now! (3ds)

    Grabbed that one. Thank you.
  19. Fell Open Ian

    PSN Weekly Deals - 9/1: Atlus Sale, PS+ Specials, & 6 New PS+ Games! PWYW Foul Play on PS4!

    Each time that it goes on sale on Steam a whole new crop of posts pop-up in the game's forum complaining about bugs and performance issues. My understanding is that the developer went back to version 1.0 of the code and used that for the Director's Cut along with a new lighting engine. The...
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